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Generali Health Insurance Form

Once you provide us with the below information, you will receive a quote on your health insurance plan within 2 working days

Family name First name

Gender Male Female
Date of Birth



Quote for

6 months contract

annual contract

Medical safety card:
Accepted for this type of insurance are people from 2 months and people up to 60 years old
Please choose

A) Room and food class


Class A (private room)

Class B (room for 2 people)

Class C (room for 3 people)

B) Amount of excess applying when receiving medical care in a private clinic / hospital
(Excess: example; 1.000 Euros excess = the first 1.000 Euros is paid by the insured person, any amount exceeding the above mentioned is paid by Generali)

0 Euros - full coverage by Generali

1.000 Euros

2.500 Euros

5.000 Euros
10.000 Euros

C) Amount insured

150.000 Euros

300.000 Euros

500.000 Euros
1.000.000 Euros
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