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Konstruktions omkostninger
Construction Costs for building a house on Crete

Below information were kindly provided by our strategic partner 'The Builder', a Cretan construction company.

The Builder

Now that you have decided to live in beautiful Crete Greece, 'The Builder' can help you. 'The Builder' is Cretes finest construction company that can tell in detail the costs of your new dream; if it is now a

  • House
  • Villa
  • Apartment
  • Stone House
  • Restoration Project
  • Beach House
  • Cottage
  • Hotel or
  • Development

Construction Costs vary from project to project and from region to region be it Apokoronas, Akrotiri or Kissamos, yet 'The Builder' will make sure that you get value for money every time and the cost to manufacture a residence requires specialized knowledge, special negotiations and a lot of secrets. We recommend not to be the contractor of your house, because the economy result can be very expensive for you. Of course construction has his advantages and you can manufacture the house that covers your needs and meet your aesthetics. However, do not forget, that the engineers and the craftsmen know their work, that's why it is good for you to assign the work to the experts. With regard to the cost that you would have, it can be also more expensive, if you negotiate with the various individual work-shops and it's always possible to buy a bad construction. The supervising engineer who will be remunerate for this order has an important role in right construction. He defends your interests and protects your manufacture. Nevertheless, if you decide to build alone, below you are prepared and informed about the proportionally costs in all stages of building.

'The Builder' undertakes at no cost to you an initial site inspection of your land and you can sit down and speak with their inhouse architects about the design and construction of your new project.

To make sure that you investment is safe and secure we recommend that you use a recognized construction company like 'The Builder' to give you peace of mind.

The INDICATIVE COSTS (including work) of a simple construction of a 110 sqm house are around 1.350 Euros/m (total 148.500 Euros). Without the calculation of the value of the plot and the configuration of land space.

Study and Publication Building license 4% 5.940,00 Euros
Excavations-of excavation 2% 2.970,00 Euros
Skeleton of Armed Concrete 19% 28.215,00 Euros
Stonework – Bricks etc 4% 5.940,00 Euros
Plasters 6% 8.910,00 Euros
Insulation Globally 3% 4.455,00 Euros
Glass panes 3% 4.455,00 Euros
Smithy (banisters etc) 2% 2.970,00 Euros
Frames – Doors - Wardrobes etc 7% 10.395,00 Euros
Marble works 3% 4.455,00 Euros
Floorings 8% 11.880,00 Euros
Electric installation 5% 7.425,00 Euros
Furniture's of Cooker 5% 7.425,00 Euros
Paintings 7% 10.395,00 Euros
Types of Hygiene – Tiles - Taps etc 5% 7.425,00 Euros
System of Heating 4% 5.940,00 Euros
Installation of Water supply – Drainage - Gas 5% 7.425,00 Euros
Various Work (Fireplace etc) 3% 4.455,00 Euros
Remains works 5% 7.425,00 Euros



148.500,00 Euros

As mentioned above this indicative costs are for a simple construction. In average all our previous customers in 2006/07 have chosen a design/configuration quoted at min. 1.500 Euros/m.

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