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GENERALI - Diagnosis
The best way to treat health problems is prevention!!
It gives as the possibility to prevent problems and to treat them promptly.

The scheme covers the expenses


For diagnostic examinations carried out in screening centres with a referral issued by a consulting doctor.

A 40% discount on the cost of health screening that

A) Exceeds the maximum limit of the scheme coverage
B) Is carried out without a doctor's referral
C) is excluded from the schemes

Annual check-up

One annual check-up is provided per policy.
The scheme may be used by the insured parties or their dependants if any. As an alternative to check-up, women may choose a prenatal check-up scheme.

Medical co-ordination centre

  • Providing telephone service
  • Coordination of the scheme benefits
  • Information for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies
  • Initial medical guidance

The PREREQUISITE for the benefits is the prior telephone communication & co-ordination through (M.C.C) the medical co-ordination centre.

Maximum limits of benefits

A) 1.500 Euros
B) 3.000 Euros

In case of coverage of more than one person in the same policy, the maximum benefit limit is equally allocated.

[e.g. Let's take scheme A) 1.500 Euros for one couple - the husband and the wife receive 750 Euros each]

Maximum age for scheme activation: The insured individual must be 55 years old.
Maximum age for scheme termination: The insured individual must be 65 years old.

The benefit shall apply within the Greek Territory only.


Waiting periods

A) 3 months for illness
B) 7 days for accident
C) 12 months for the annual check-up & and prenatal check-up

Net annual premium

A) 1.500 Euros = 136 Euros
B) 3.000 Euros = 225 Euros

Contact us today and start to prevent any health problems now instead of waiting until you are really in need of medical services!

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