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Exipna Spitia
'Exipna Spitia'

'Exipna spitia' means intelligent homes.

What is an intelligent home?
An intelligent home is what we have been waiting for!
With intelligent homes there's no need for a cable installation.
Any electrical or electronic appliance can be automated, simply by using the existing electrical installation.

How is this possible?
This is achieved through X 10 commands, simply by putting a special module on each switch or activation box.

Why is this home 'intelligent'?

  • There's no need for a cable installation
  • We can give instructions, command our appliances and remotely control them via SMS text message
  • Intelligent homes can be applied to new but also already built houses.
  • There's no need for extra mendings
  • It is easy to apply
  • It is compatible with all types of switches
  • It is easy to use
  • Control via switches, remote control, via computer
  • It supports all types of lamps
  • Many actions can be performed simultaneously without having to switch off the appliance.

We can easily turn on or off any appliance we wish, no mater which room we are in, simply through a remote control.

If we are out, we can turn our appliances on or off via SMS text message.
We can also create different scenarios, such as:
Turn off all the electrical appliances, electrical shutters, lights, boiler etc. automatically, without having to turn off each appliance separately, by activating the alarm.

An intelligent home offers control of:

  • Lights
  • Electrical appliances
  • Security & alarm system
  • Cooling & heating system
  • Awnings
  • Electrical shutters, audio & video systems, irrigation systems

Intelligent home is at your service for automatisations of all kinds.
Just create your own scenario, which is suitable to your very own needs!

Why is this application intelligent?

  • To avoid accidents in case we have forgotten to turn off an appliance. From now on, we can be assured that there will be no accident as we can switch appliances off via SMS text message.
  • We can, for example, instruct the boiler to turn on before we go back home, so that it is already warm when we arrive.
  • To avoid house break-ins. When we are away on holiday, there is the hazard of finding our property broken into, upon our return. Now, we are able to give “life” to our house even while we are away. Creating the desirable scenario. For example, by programming window shutters to open at 9:00 am & close at 07:00 pm & activating the internal lighting at 08:00 pm, we can achieve the effect that we are at home thus the probability of a break-in is minimized.

What does the “intelligent homes” application include?
The system comprises of:

  • A central control panel
  • Command key boards (touch screen, monitors, and pocket pc).
  • The modules put on the switches e.g. light switches and electrical shutter switches

Installation cost
The cost varies depending on the customer's needs. For instance, if you wish to automate 10 light control lines, an integrated system would cost 3.500 euro + VAT, inclusive of installation costs.

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