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You are now the proud owner of a home or a business in our beautiful island. But our excellent service does not stop once you have the key!

Advice, of course, is free, but for a nominal agreed fee, we can take away all the worry and bureaucratic problems involved in setting up home and living in a foreign country, where often, due to language and cultural differences, matters can often seem very complicated indeed!

Here are just some of the services we can offer you.

If your home is a second or holiday home and you are not permanently resident in Crete...

  • You will need to know that your bills are paid in your absence.
  • We can arrange for your telephone, electric and water bills to be paid on your behalf.
  • If you have a garden or land, we can arrange for regular visits by a gardener to keep your land in check for an agreed price.
  • Petty crime is practically unknown in Crete, but one¢s security is always a worry. We can remove this worry, by making frequent checks on your property to ensure all is in order.
  • Bad weather can also bring problems and again, we can regularly check on your property to ensure that no damage has been caused. If there is, we will immediately endeavour to contact you and arrange to any repairs to be made.

Find out more in our property management section here -->

Whether you are in permanent or temporary residence, we can assist you ....

  • If you would like to have building and contents insurance on your property, in conjunction with a highly reputable Insurance Company, we offer you suitable cover for this with also the option for earthquake damage; more here -->
  • All property owners in Greece have to complete a Tax Declaration form following the year of purchase and in certain cases, every year. We can advise you and direct you to an Accountant who can complete your tax declaration form and ensure you are not liable for income tax if you are not working and earning an income in Greece.
  • If you have a large piece of land with crops or olives, we can arrange for these to be farmed or collected for you and processed at market cost.
  • For those requiring a telephone, we can accompany you to the Telephone Company if necessary in order to assist your telephone connection.
  • For those requiring electricity connection, we can prepare the initial paperwork and arrange connection on your behalf, or if necessary accompany you to the company should you need to be present for signature of contract.
  • It is very exciting to furnish and decorate your new home, or choose plants for your patio or trees and flowers for your garden. But sometimes when you are new in a foreign country, perhaps it is a little difficult to know where to buy the products or items you need. We can point you in the right direction and give advice and accompany you if required.
  • Of course, we can recommend plumbers, electricians, solar power panel suppliers etc. and contact these on your behalf, arrange the necessary appointments and if required, be on hand to ensure work is carried out correctly and smoothly.
  • If you are purchasing a motor vehicle or motor bike, again we can point you in the right direction, advise you on what paperwork you will need and if required, accompany you to the relevant sales point.

Unfortunately, life never runs too smoothly and even when you are established in Crete, whether as a holiday visitor or a permanent resident, problems and queries are bound to crop up and we will make every attempt to assist and advise you.

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