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Travel insurance

Travel Insurance "FLY AWAY "
The insurance policy "Fly Away" has the following below, an analytical description can be found in the actual policy of "Generali Hellas".

Geographical Coverage

The insurance policy is valid internationally.

Dangers covered by the policy

Discontinuation of the trip
In case the trip of the insured is suddenly terminated because of death or severe injury or sudden illness of a relative of the insured or of first degree relation, coverage is taken care of by contacting the "Generali Call Centre".
Arrow The expenses for the return of the insured to his/her permanent residence.
Arrow The amount spent by the insured in advance which he/she can not receive back up to the amount of 1.000 Euros.

Delay or Cancellation of the Trip
In case there is a delay of the trip, an amount of 50 Euros is paid for every 12 hours delay up to the amount of 1.000 Euros.
In case there is a cancellation of an arranged trip because of delay in take off more than 24 hours of the time set, there is an amount of 1.000 Euros paid to the insured.
Note: The amount is paid for only one of the two above mentioned and not for both.

Full loss of Baggage
In case there is full loss of baggage during the time when they are in baggage check or in a hotel room, an amount of 1.000 Euros is given to the insured.

Delay in Arrival of Baggage
In case there is a delay in arrival of baggage more than 6 hours, coverage of expenses made to buy all items of need up to the amount of 1.000 Euros.

Extra expenses because of accident or illness
Coverage of expenses made outside of Greece because of a sudden accident or illness during a trip up to the amount of 100.000 Euros after informing and co-operating with the "Generali Call Centre".

Personal Accident
An amount of 100.000 Euros is given to the relatives in case of death of the insured during an arranged trip.
An amount of 100.000 Euros is given to the insured in case of severe permanent incapacity caused by an accident during an arranged trip.

Public Obligation
Coverage of public obligation of the insured or others in which the insured is responsible for because of mistakes or omission during a trip towards a third party for the amount of 100.000 Euros.

Money – Travel Papers – Passport
Coverage of theft for money of the insured during the transportation by the insured, or from a safe box of the hotel up to the amount of 200 Euros.
The value or the sudden expenses to renew travel papers because of loss or theft up to the amount of 1.000 Euros

Hi-jacking and kidnapping
There is an amount of 100 Euros for every day that the insured is hi-jacked or kidnapped up to the amount of 3.000 Euros
The above are effective for the insured year and for the insured of the policy.

This is of a brief introduction of the policy and not the actual "Insurance Policy." In detail introduction can be found in the actual "Insurance Policy."

In order to receive this type of insurance, it is requested by the law that the insured must have a Greek "Tax number" issued by the Tax Department.

Get a travel insurance quote today and contact us at [email protected]. We'll be happy to assist you and wish you already a relaxed holiday!
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