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Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance "PERSONAL FREEDOM"
The program "Personal Freedom" includes the following below and offers you the listed description of items that your "Generali Hellas" policy covers.

Coverage of Dangers
Arrow Loss of life because of accident
Arrow Permanent incapability due to an accident
Arrow Permanent to partial incapability due to an accident
The amount limit of all the above during the insured year and totaling up to the insured persons is 60.000 Euros
You can decide upon how to receive the mentioned amount above, after a death or permanent incapability, either in a full payment or in 60 monthly installments of 1.100.Euros

Hospitalization care due to an accident or a sudden illness
A coverage of the amount of 80 % or 100 % if it is done by an other carrier, the expenses of hospital care because of an accident or a sudden illness up to the amount of 4.000 Euros for every insured person and in the insured year.

Coverage of "External Medical Care" due to an accident
A coverage of 100 % for all expenses which involve the therapy from an external medical center  due to an accident and up to the amount of 3.000 Euros for all of the insured members during the insured year.

Emergency medical transportation for medical attention due to an accident or sudden illness
Coverage of the expenses for emergency medical transportation of the insured or the members due to an accident or sudden illness inside of Greece or in European countries that are listed in the European Union.

Coverage of expenses for:
Arrow Medical care during the transportation.
Arrow Expenses for organizing the transportation.
Arrow The cost of the transportation.
Arrow The cost of the accompanying nurse or doctor according to how severe the incident.
Arrow The cost of transport for a relative or therapy doctor (according to how severe the incident) to another country in the European Union.
Arrow The cost of transportation to return home of the other members of the family and of the therapy nurse/doctor accompanying the patient.
The above are all affective once the "Generali Call Centre" has been notified and arrangements of the medical team have been arranged.

This is of a brief introduction of the policy and not the actual "Insurance Policy." In detail introduction can be found in the actual "Insurance Policy."

Get a accident insurance quote today and contact us at [email protected]. We'll be happy to assist you!

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