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Why buy property in Crete

Why buy property in Crete ...and why choose KTIMATOEMPORIKI CRETE for your peace of mind

  1. Are there many people buying property in Crete? How is the Crete property market evolving?

    Crete has proven over the last years to be one of the more popular destinations for Europeans that seek a holiday home, a retirement home or an investment property. Demand for the island is increasing at a rapid rate. An interesting statistic: Demand has quadrupled between 2000 and 2002.

  2. What makes a property in Crete so desirable, compared to properties in other destinations and countries?

    Crete - and living in Crete - has many advantages. The most significant are the following:

    1. The climate. Winters without hazardous road conditions, no freezing fog or black ice, and summers without rain. Not to mention clear blue skies (with an average of 310 days of sun!), spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and brilliant star and moonlit nights. Owning a property in Crete means having access to all of the above.

    2. The diverse landscape and environment. Lovely beaches, majestic mountain peaks, some of them capped with snow until early June, impressive gorges, hidden caves, ancient sites, picturesque and literally untouched villages of character and tradition: Whatever your preferences, your property in Crete can exactly match your taste...

    3. The cost of living. Studies indicate that the cost of living in Crete is about 30% lower than Cyprus' when Cyprus' is 30% lower than Spain's and Portugal's. Over and above the lower cost of living, every prospective buyer is amazed when he discovers how inexpensive prime real property in Crete is.

    4. The low crime rate. As per 2002 official data, 3% of the UK, 2% of Spain and Portugal, 8% of Ireland.

    5. Part of an EU member country. Apart from all other benefits, the process of buying a property in Crete is very easy for EU citizens.

    6. Part of a non-volatile country. If we had to describe Greece - and Crete - in one word, that would be "peaceful".

    7. The closest European destination to the sun. Each and every property in Crete is guaranteed to be as sunny as it gets.

    8. The warmth and hospitality of the Cretans. Crete is world famous for its friendly, helpful people.

    ... The list can go on and on....

  3. Regarding buying a property in Crete, which other destinations are considered direct competitors?

    Italy, France, Spain and Portugal are far too expensive, far too crowded and far too touristy. Turkey is far too volatile and it will remain so for a number of years to come, especially after September 11. Malta is far too small. Florida is far too far. Cyprus is the only competitor that Crete has: the same people, Greek, the same culture, the same climate, about the same size as an island, although more expensive (and becoming even more expensive after Cyprus joined the EU in May 2004) and a little bit further away.

    Here it is also important to note of the other Greek islands as a competitor, but none of them have either the climate or the size of Crete, and thus poorer amenities, infrastructure and so forth. By the way, Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and at its southernmost point.

  4. What are the initial benefits of buying a property in Crete with KTIMATOEMPORIKI CRETE, as opposed to other property agents?

    Impeccable service! You, our valued Client, need to worry about nothing, whether this is land taxes or any other taxes, legal or financial advice. The only thing you should worry about is selecting the real property in Crete that absolutely fits you!

    Our qualitative services for our clients were verified with the ISO 9001:2000 seal. The certification of this Quality System from an exterior independent institution, gives the comparative advantage to our enterprise against other competitive ones, as we are the first certified office of brokerage benefit services in the whole of Greece.

    Furthermore, our relation with you, our Client, does not end with the signing of the contract; any issues raised due to cultural changes or schooling for their kids, accounting, or taxation, we are closer than a phone call away and always available. It's after buying your property in Crete that our customer service really shines! 

    All of this to make sure that Crete is "more home than home".

  5. Can a foreigner who wants to buy property in Crete receive funding for her/his envisaged purchase?

    Yes. Through the Piraeus Bank Group we can arrange in most cases for up to 70% of the capital requirements. The services offered cover the needs of individuals, companies, professionals as well as of large enterprises.

    Why buy property in Crete - Piraeus Bank logoThe Piraeus Bank Group is one of the most dynamic and active financial organisations in Greece today. Founded in 1916, Piraeus Bank went through a period of state-ownership and management, before it was privatised in December 1991. Since then, it has continuously grown in size and activities. Especially when it comes to buying a property in Crete - and Greece, in general - Piraeus Bank is possibly the best bank regarding home mortgages.

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