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Home insurance
The Insurance, valid for one year, covers all necessary issues of owning a property on Crete as there are:
Fire and lightning, explosion due to any cause, damage caused by colliding vehicle, falling plane and other objects, smoke, storm, snow, hail, flood, water-main break, vandalism, short-circuit, sewage system damage, broken windows, debris removal ...
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Optional you may choose additional an insurance against Earthquake damages. In this case feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Furthermore without any costs you can receive a quote for your home, life, health, car or watercraft insurance.
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Insurance programme including only the BASIC COVERAGE, targeted to borrowers and customers wishing to have low cost home insurance.

Coverage against: Fire – Thunderbolts – Explosions – Smoke – Airplane Crash
Coverage of damages that occur from the following:
Arrow Fire (ex. Thunderbolt, forest, carelessness)
Arrow Trying to put out a fire
Arrow All types of explosions in and out of the property.
Arrow Heavy smoke because of a fire
Arrow A plane crash or part of a plane.

Coverage of damage done to the insured property directly or indirectly because of earthquakes, and/or fire, tidal waves as the result of after quake events (tsunami). For every damage there is a 2 % exemption of the total capital of the insurance policy (property and/or belongings) with the least amount of 1.000 Euros.

Payment of mortgage for the home
Coverage of payment of the installments of the mortgage (refers to owner) in case the house is declared unsuitable for living providing an amount up to 500 Euros for a period of 6 months.

Expenses for research and issuing permits
Coverage of expenses of issuing permits for construction, fees for architects, political mechanics because of damages that were caused by one of the mentioned above covered by the company.

Public Obligation because of Fire
Coverage of public obligation due to fire that is caused by a third party up to the amount of 25.000 Euros for every damage totalling in the insured year, from mistakes or neglegence as an owner or rentor of the insured residence.

Adjustment of the insured value because of inflation
The amount of adjustment for inflation is included to the capital of the insurance policy for the protection of the insured.

All the insured objects are covered up to the amount of 3.000 Euros per item except if otherwise agreed in written form on the insurance policy.

This is of a brief introduction of the policy and not the actual "Insurance Policy". In detail introduction can be found in the actual "Insurance Policy"

Annual gross premium
For every 1.000 Euro of insured capital, the annual premiums are as follows:

  • 1,95 Euros (building)
  • 2,50 Euros (contents)
  • 1,95 Euros (earthquake)

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