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Building on Crete
Building on Crete
Some tips on what to look for and what to take care for when you want to build your house on Crete
How much land do I need:
  • If a plot of land is not within the town plan and if there are no forestry or archaeology restrictions, permission to build can be granted for any plot of minimum of 4.000 mē.
  • If a plot of land is located within a planning zone or with a frontage to a principal municipal road, a permission can can be granted for plots of land of 2.000 mē or less. 
  • If a plot of land is located inside villages, towns and cities, planning permission can be generally granted for any plot. 
Of course there are always exceptions. For some Greek areas specific Greek laws apply about planning permission regulations. Building permits can be obtained through registered architects or engineers in Greece. Thus, get the topographical plan and let it check by your architect or contact our strategic partner "The Builder".
What should I be aware of when building my new home on Crete?
  • Choose an architect who understands your needs and speaks the same language as you. Once they have obtained your building permit they are responsible for signing to say the buildingĒs footings are correctly installed and for signing off the job so that you can have your services connected and your building is legal.
  • If you have chosen a plot outside the town plan ask for the additional costs to get connected to services
  • When you found the architect you trust and signing a contract, be sure  that IKA, VAT and the cost for the building permit etc., is included in your contract. In general these costs are outside the contract; so ask for an estimate on the additional costs.
  • You may want to choose an independent builder for your house on Crete, so have a clause in your contract with your architect that you may choose the builder of your house independently of the architect.
  • A plot of land within the village limits poses less problems and expense than a plot outside the village/town limits but bear in mind that your neighbours (even it is a tavern or discotheque) can getting very close.
  • A plot with access problems can force higher costs you might have calculated.

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