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Syros or Siros or Syra is a Greek island in the Cyclades. It is found almost in the centre of Cyclades, approximately 80 naval miles from Piraeus. The travel with ferry boat lasts roughly four hours.

Syros has been greatly developed as an administrative, commercial, intellectual and cultural centre of Cyclades. Its population reaches the 25.000 residents, Orthodox and Catholics. The capital is named Ermoupolis “The Sovereign of Aegean” and it is built in the hills viewing the harbour. Ermoupolis is also the capital of Cyclades. Syros charms any visitor with its impressive architecture that combines classic with modern in a perfect ratio.

The northern part of the island is mountainous, while the southern part is flat with most of the buildings located here, villages and beaches. The picturesque landscape with the walkways, the caves, the bridges invites the visitor to explore the northern side. Whereas, the developed inland offers the facilities and anyone searches for nowadays. The combination of natural beauty, pureness and culture impresses the guests.

During the Roman times the capital of Syros was located in Ermoupolis. At the end of the ancient times, due to the intense piracy the island declined. After the overthrow of the Byzantium, Venetian possessed Syros.

At the beginning of 19th century Syros played a prominent role in the elaboration of the New Greek Constitution. The population of Ermoupolis was raising and the city evolved into a strategic location of government seat. A post office was opened, a court of Law, public school, art gallery, museum, library. Plenty of social services were founded here as well. Ermoupolis was featured by extraordinary growth and evolvement, while it was the most significant harbor in Greece. The architecture of the capital was taken care of European architects and Greeks with respect to the classical and ancient Greek and with an influence of the romanticism of the West. After 1860, the social and cultural life in Syros ceased to develop and the Piraeus harbour took the dominant position in Greece. At the 20th century, Syros˘s began to recover and to be improved. The tourism increase played an important role in this direction and loads of activities that appeared and strengthened.

Nowadays, Ermoupolis has 2 Elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, 2 high schools, 2 technical schools and the Aegean University with a department of Fine Arts and System Design. Syros has a National Airpoart, frequent boat transportations. The Aegean Casino is located in the island.

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Property in Syros Greece
Property in Syros Greece
Reference No : #GrCy4-101
Price (Euros) : 380000€

Category : Houses / Villas >> 250.000 - 400.000 Euros
Location : Greece >> Cyclades >> Syros

A dominant property located in a plot of 4.000 m˛, at a hillside of the island of Syros with outstanding views of the Aegean Sea is for Sale...
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