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Greece, 24th within 192 countries in quality of life
Greece, 24th within 192 countries in quality of life

Ray of hope for Greece is the last report of the international organization «International Living», that puts our country in the 24th position in terms of quality of life in all 192 countries. Greece is hoping it can attract investments and in real estate, as the experts give good marks on a number of features.

It is noteworthy that the relevant panel is taken under consideration by many companies, employees, tourists and retirees who want to visit a country and to become acquainted with the quality of life. It may be a way to improve its image abroad with targeted moves such as the creation of better infrastructure, roads, airports, travel by transport, hotels etc.

The categories which  researchers were based on to compile the index of quality of life for 2011 are: Cost of Living, Culture, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Security - Risk, Climate.
The measurements were based on data from the World Bank, World Health Organization, UN, Economist etc. The survey was conducted by scoring from 0 (for worst) to 100 (for excellent).

Greece, therefore, has made some positive steps since last year, while others are worse. The cost of living is rated a little above the base (59) compared to 52 that was last year, which means there has been a reduce on prices of products and services.

Concidering culture and leisure, Greece is impressive this year and scored 94 (64 in 2010). At the same level is the economy (58 degree), but the score drops dramatically in the environment. From 70 of last year, 2011 will be at 47. High as last year (92) are the standings in freedom and somewhat better in health (93 this year from 84 in 2010).

As for infrastructure Greece has suffered since it took from 64 last year, in 2011 falls exactly at the base (50). Satisfaction for the level that foreigners put in our country to risk and safety. This year the score is 96, but last year had gotten excellent 100. Finally, in terms of climate, is rated to 81 from 79 last year and the final score is 71 points from 72 last year.

Regarding the "champions" of the world in the quality of life for this year, at the top are the United States with a final score of 86. Last year, the lead held France with 82 degree while the U.S. was in seventh position.

For 2011, follows New Zealand, Malta, France and Monaco in the first five. For the U.S. the first place is achieved mainly by improving the economy (level 100) but also from a free and excellent infrastructure. Regarding the followers, that is the countries with the worst quality of life are Somalia, Chad, Yemen, Sudan and Angola.

Source: RE + D Magazine
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