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Crete turned out to be the best cruise destination!
Crete turned out to be the best cruise destination!

The travel agency Cruises News Media Group awarded the prize of the Best Cruise Destination of 2010 and the ceremony will be held in Malaga, Spain .

A very important distinction was given to the port of Heraklion, due to the exhibition to be held in March in Miami, USA!

The big tour organisation “Cruises News Media Group” has given Heraklion, Santorini, Kos, and Rhodes the award for the best cruise (route) in 2010 and are invited to be awarded the following Thursday (24th Feb) in Malaga, Spain!  
This award (Best Cruise Destination 2010) was given to the specific route after a vote-research that took place among 10,000 passengers and
travel agents who considered the journey as the best of the past year.

"It's an important distinction for us, at a time that we are trying to upgrade the cruise in Heraklion-emphasized the CEO in CRETALIVE Mr. Mpras. - who pointed out the need for more advertisement in Heraklion , which will do the organization as well, by participating in the exhibition in Miami-where the goal is ambitious and is to "hit" the countries that traditionally went very well in cruise.

Next Wednesday (23rd Feb) is another crucial appointment, this time with the Israeli ambassador in an attempt to strengthen the relationship with Israel, both in cruise and the commercial field.

"Now geopolitical conditions conducive to proceed to a more close relationship with Israel" says Mr. Mpras.

In the Meanwhile yesterday (16th Feb) at the Council of State the conversation about the action of municipality of Heraklion, was postponed once again, after the attempt to give with a contract concession the construction of buildings under Rogan study, to a private company. The debate is set for March the 7th .

source: cretalive.gr

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