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The Greek ports "bait" for cruise ships
The Greek ports "bait" for cruise ships

Greece may be the first destination for tourists on cruise ships in Europe with 4.973.000 journeys but falls as a Home Porting port.
A large delegation is visiting today Miami, consisted by the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Mr. John Diamandis, the Minister of Culture Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos, executives and Port Organizations, who will attempt to make the port of Piraeus and other Greek ports the starting port for foreign cruise ships, offering various incentives to foreign shipping companies that operate cruise ships.
The main weapon of the Greek Ministers is the recent institutional framework, which released the embarkation and  the disembarkation in Greek ports and they will  try to dampen any opposition that the representatives of the shipping giants have. However, strains of the Port Organizations, will analyze the reasons and benefits of why the foreigners should invest in port facilities and cruise passenger stations in our country. This incentive, perhaps will be a "bait" for the arrival of foreign companies.
It is worth noting that Italy has followed as a second choice destination, with 4.956.000 journeys, Spain with 4.118.000 journeys, France with 1.851.000 journeys and Norway with 1.572.000. Additionally, at Home Porting in Europe first comes Italy with 1.700.000 tourists and Greece with 503.000 tourists at all ports of the country. The aim of the government is to more than double this number and flow in Greece more than 1 billion euros from the cruise.

Source: Kerdos - 14/03/2011

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