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Optimistic messages to Greece from the TO's
“Optimistic messages to Greece from the TO's”

The Messages from the international target markets for the Greek tourism are optimistic again after two years of recession, and the industry representatives consider that this year the increase of arrivals is likely to be doubled.
From the numerous contacts with the major tour operators who had the last days in the International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB), the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Pavlos Geroulanos show that Greece is again in the choices of European tourists.
Already, representatives of hoteliers believe that this year's increase in arrivals compared to last year, will be around 10% due to the instability in the North African destinations. As pointed out, this year will be a period of recovery after two years of losses of about 7% in arrivals and 2 billion in the financing field.
Analyzing the bookings from the tank countries of Greek tourism, hoteliers focus on the market of Great Britain, showing a 10% increase compared to last year. This is a good development, taking under consideration that 14% of inbound tourist arrivals in Greece come from the United Kingdom.
"Greece has come back dynamically "
It is significant that the CEO of the big British travel agency Thomas Cook Reter Fankhausen after his meeting with Mr Geroulanos said that "Greece has come back dynamically in the market and is about to grow next summer. The British travel group that carries about one million visitors to Egypt each year hoping to offset the losses from the cancellation of travel packages to the region by organizing trips to alternative destinations such as Greece and Spain.
As for Germany, it is the second largest market for Greek tourism bookings, already current bookings exceeds 5% compared to 2010. Indeed, this increase occurred after the outbreak of political crisis in the Arab Countries.
"Changing the climate in Germany"
"The climate in Germany is changing. Gradually, but there is no doubt that there is a new interest in Greece and everything that is Greek, "says at the 'Chrima' the Minister of Culture and Tourism Pavlos Geroulanos. "There is a feeling that something is changing in the country, that we are beginning to achieve our goals and this creates the right conditions for tourism," says Mr. Geroulanos. He adds: "The work done lately, both from professionals and from the United States, our ability to react quickly and effectively to market needs, creating new conditions of trust with those who promote Greece as a destination. Create new alliances based on correct foundations and invest to the future and not just to the next tourist season. The sense in which they leave our interlocutors is that Greek tourism will not ever look back. "
In the contacts that Mr Geroulanos had with the representatives of the media in Germany, referred to all steps taken for the development of tourism in our country (reduction of VAT on accommodation at 6.5%, reduced fees of landing and take off at regional airports in the season, a new development law, facilitate the visa issuance, etc.) and also to the change of attitudes in Greece and to the creation of  a new climate.

Source: Ta Nea - 14/03/2011

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