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Development of the gay tourism in Greece
Development of the gay tourism in Greece

The Minister of Culture Pavlos Geroulanos has decided long ago to remake Greece a popular destination, anticipating the obvious that tourism is the only aspect of economic activity in Greece that has future.

Therefore, it is time for a lucrative tourist opening. The gay market is one of the strongest in the world, so the «pink dollars» is -according to the newspaper "Apokalypseis"- the main reason that Pavlos Geroulanos traveled and will travel again back to America.

The development of gay tourism in Greece is among the priorities of YPPOT and ESO, that innovate this year as well by organizing «Athens Rainbow Week»: a week dedicated to homosexuals in our country.

It is thought this will be likely a step closer to abroad, saying that Mykonos and Tilos of Greece are an 'oasis' for the gay community all around the world. Moreover, as money has no home, it has no sexual preferences as well.

It is said that this year, the purchasing power of homosexuals will reach 835 billion dollars globally, while the forecast for next year is 2 trillion.

The bulk of this amount is spent on the five most favorite countries, that have legalized the marriage between gay couples, which are at the top of the list of the destinations that the gay community chooses.

The pink dollars are therefore invested in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa and Canada, where gay couples go to formalize their relationship, followed by the classic «vacation spots» of Mykonos, Ibiza and London.

Source: 24wro.blogspot.com
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