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The first cruise ship - floating city in Chania
The first cruise ship - floating city in Chania

At 9 am on Saturday 2 / 4 is expected to dock at the port of Souda one of the largest passenger ships in the world.

The cruise ship Mariner of the Seas of Royal Caribbean Cruises company, which is derived from Rhodes carries 3.194 passengers from 55 different countries, and will remain in Chania until 6.30 pm Saturday.

The Mariner of the Seas with a length of 311 meters is a floating city with a crew of 1.185 people. The construction, in Finland in 2003, cost 650 million dollars.

In the 15 decks of the cruise, except for the recreational facilities (restaurants, cafes, casinos, golf, swimming pools, cinema, theater, etc.) there are spaces shaped in such way that give the impression that you are in a city and not a ship.

In total of 1.557 cabins, there are 939 external and 618 internal and from the external ones 765 have balconies.

Please note that during a seven-day cruise on the Mariner of the Seas are consumed:

420.000 liters of fresh water produced on board and 203.000 ice cubes
20.000 bottles of beer, 3.000 bottles of wine and 200 bottles of whiskey

The kitchen of the cruise ship during the seven-day cruise makes 105.000 meals including 30 tons of fresh vegetables, 9 tons of beef, 5,5 tones of chicken, 2,5 tons of pork, 8 tons of potatoes, and 28.000 fresh eggs.

And one last detail before you leave to enjoy a tour of the Mariner of the Seas to the video hosting Flashnews.gr

The Prices for the cruises from 11 to 13 nights on this ship start at almost 600 euros per person for a double internal cabin and reach 1.900 euros per person for a deluxe external cabin.
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