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The Israeli Minister of Tourism in Greece
The Israeli Minister of Tourism in Greece

Another step  towards the approach of Israel and Greece, took place with the visit of Israeli Minister of Tourism Mr. Stas Misezhnikov in the country.

After the invitation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos and after the talks that had the two ministers in Tel Aviv, Mr.Stas Misezhnikov arrived in Thessaloniki on Friday afternoon where he stayed until Sunday morning.

In a ceremony to honor his presence, with the presence of Mr Pavlos Geroulanos and the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Giannis Boutaris, representatives of the major tourism operators in Central Macedonia and the entire country attended. It is characteristic that the Israeli minister was accompanied by leading tour operators and tour operators in Israel therefore there was the opportunity to exchange ideas and exploring possibilities for further cooperation between entrepreneurs of both countries in order to promote tourism.

In particular, the strengthening of direct flights between Tel Aviv and Thessaloniki and the promotion of common tourism packages are at the heart of discussions and there is interest of Greek visitors to focusing on Jerusalem. During the event both ministers and the mayor of the city welcomed the new era in relations between the two countries with tourism being the first field development of this relationship and pledged to take further actions.

The visit of the Israeli Minister of Tourism and his mission in Greece, is associated with the great interest shown by the Israel to the program "Thessaloniki the Crossroad of Cultures", which hosts this year the cultures of the Middle East with Israel having a unique role in it.

In this context, Mr. Stas Misezhnikov accompanied by Pavlos Geroulanos, attended a concert by the Chamber Music Circle for the Crossroad in tribute to composers of the Middle East.

On Sunday, the Israeli Tourism Minister visited Athens, where he toured the Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum.

The further strengthening of tourism between the two countries is granded after last year, where Israeli arrivals in Greece rose by 57% compared to 2009. Also, in January of 2011 the average increase was 18% and 33% in February.

Additionally, important are the opportunities in the cruise industry, which within the recent years has significantly enhanced, as in 2010 chose this way to visit Greece, 50.000 visitors from Israel.

As for flights, from 15th of March, the Flying Carpet operates direct flights to Thessaloniki, which will rise during the Jewish Easter. Also from Easter begin flights to Rhodes and Crete, and from June to Kos, Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos and most likely Skiathos as well.

11/04/2011 | Source: www.ltcnews.gr
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