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The first Israeli tourists arrived in Chania, Crete
The first Israeli tourists arrived in Chania, Crete

Excited by Western Crete, the natural environment and its monuments are the first Israeli tourists who have come en masse these days on the island for their holidays.

"We have heard that the island is a beautiful island and it is indeed a fact. This is one of the most beautiful sites we visited, especially Chania and the old town are exquisite" says Ms. Osouat Gkonen, who lives near Tel Aviv.

"The nice thing with the island is that it is a synthesis of nature and monuments for example the White Mountains, the amazing beaches of Lafonisiou, the old town of Chania and Rethymno and traditional villages like Milia. Crete is an island, but a large island and offers you many opportunities to visit places and have fun, "says Mr. Ntrol, indicating excited to stay in Chania. He stresses that "the prices are very good and fairly reasonable".

Regarding the reasons why the Israelis this year have put up their preferences to Crete Mr Ntrol notes that "For us, the most known destinations were, Rhodes and Santorini and many chose Greece this year and new parts of Greece such as Crete".

Something that Mr. Ntrol observes during his stay in Chania has to do with the general behavior of the people. "We are excited by how friendly people are, really in the most tourist places people behave friendly as they care about money, but here we have not felt that at all as long as we're here."

Source: haniotika-nea.gr
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