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Norwegians No1 summer destination: Greece

Norwegians No1 summer destination: Greece

The media reports an increase of Norwegian tourists to Greece for 2012, despite the financial crisis. Crete and Rhodes are the most popular destinations.
The newspaper “Dagbladet” writes that Norwegian tourism to Greece will increase by 10% this summer. The total number is estimated to be 280.000. The sunny island of Crete is the most popular destination. Read Dagbladet's article (in Norwegian).

According to the newspaper “Aftenposten” many Norwegians are acquainted with Greece and life on the Greek islands. Positive experiences from previous years make them return yet again. Read Aftenposten's article (in Norwegian).

Norwegian TV-channel TV2 took notice of these numbers. They encourage the Norwegian tourists to spend their money locally, while always asking for receipts. They also recommend donating to local churches, which fill an important function in their local communities.

The Greek media has also detected this trend: The daily newspaper “Kerdos” writes that Greece is the top destination for Norwegian tourists.
Destination: Crete

The island of Crete tops the list of Greek holiday destinations. Why do so many Norwegians choose this island? “The availability is important” says Kenneth Sangolt from www.kretatur.com. “Norwegians can catch direct flights to Crete from 12-13 airports every summer. When they arrive on the island they are welcomed by friendly and hospitable Greeks. The holiday is spent in beautiful weather, and with tasty food.”
"All kinds of Norwegians go to Crete." He adds "There is not one special segment that has linked Crete to its chest. Bathing cities along the coast of Chania are very popular among families with children. Hersonissos and Malia have a reputation for being party places for young people."

Also popular are the myriads of Greek islands, especially Rhodes, Santorini and Skiathos.

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