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Strategic Advantages to invest in Greece
Strategic Advantages to invest in Greece
"Four key strategic advantages has Greece in an effort to attract investment" said Minister of Economy, Luca Katseli during a press conference of economic forum held in Manhattan and was entitled: "Greece: preparing for recovery"

The first advantage, in response to a question, Mrs. Katseli said the "strategic position" of our country "the crossroads of three continents". According to the minister "is power for a country to be in the middle of emerging economies, an area where investments can be done and an entire region can be served. The comparative advantage of Greece is not only the purchase of 10 million, is a much wider market which can be served from Greece."

The second big advantage, she said, "has to do with nature and the environment. It is no coincidence that Greece tops the list of countries to attract interest, tourism and investment, in this field. The insularity is tremendously important for international investors who really want to put their money because they know they could potentially have very high yields."
"The third comparative advantage of Greece is culture" as Mrs Katseli said. "We have never seen culture as a source of foreign exchange, as a key strategic tool in a development strategy" she said, adding: "And my heart really cracks when I go to Mycenae and see the grass up over and degraded services. In consultation we had with the Minister of Culture it was decided to mobilize the two ministries in order any archaeological place of us, every piece of our country that has cultural treasures, will be used very carefully for the development of the site." Then, she said "we do not have theme parks in Greece. I was talking with the Chamber in Boeotia on the idea to build a theme park around Hercules. If any other country had the wealth that Greece has, could do wonders. It is our time to do it."

The fourth comparative advantage, according to Mrs Katseli has to do with people. "It is no coincidence that the Greeks, wherever they are found, they do wonders. The Shipping - as I said in my speech - is one example. But it is not the only one. It is in the arts, the sciences, everywhere. Currently to invest in Greece and its human element is possible and I think we have already approved it in the Olympics. Truly, we are a country where an investor in the field of modern technology or biology or culture can have a really well trained staff , with many skills and opportunities.
Therefore, an investor has to raise yields of these four major advantages of Greece. What we must do, and that is the challenge of our Government at the moment, is to remove disincentives."

source: skai.gr

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