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Long-term trends of tourists from Italy to Greece

Analysis of the tourism market in Italy, shows the Rhodian newspaper "Democratic" indicating the characteristics of Italian tourists visiting Greece.
Specifically, the analysis of the newspaper states:
"Italy is one of the countries of the Group of 7 (G7) most developed countries in the world with 60 million inhabitants and per capita income of 30 thousand U.S. dollars in 2007. The distance from Athens to Rome is 1052 km. These factors justify the importance of this country for Greek tourism, an importance that is underscored by the third position for Italy, in foreign arrivals in Greece.
Movement of goods and more people is nothing new between the two countries. Platon had made three trips to Southern Italy and Sicily and of course much older than him had preceded and others. In 146 BC the independence of ancient Greece from the Roman Empire  is terminated, while in modern times the Ionian islands (only those from Greece) remained under the Venetian Sunday until 1797, the year the Republic of Venice dissolved by Napoleon. The 1948 is the consolidation of the Dodecanese in Greece, which was under Italian occupation. Past events - stations, show the contacts that had developed between the two countries, contacts warmed for 40 years, in the climate of political stability and economic prosperity in both countries, especially in the destination country, namely Greece.
The number of Italian tourists in Greece in 1970 was 76,215 people. After four decades the number of Italian tourists reached 1.2 million. Despite the fluctuations, the Italians that come to Greece keep growing, especially the last two decades.
The large increase of Italian tourists is not only due to the overall increase in immigration in Greece. The number of Italian visitors, especially in recent years, is close to 10% of total tourist arrivals in the country. The percentage change of Italian tourists in the total tourist arrivals in Greece increased from a low of 3% in the 1970s, it exceeded 5% in the 1980s, reached 7% in the 1990s and was close to 10% in the last decade.
The average level of expenditure of the Italian tourists in Greece is rising in recent years, while the mean residence time is approximately constant in the nine days for throughout this period.
As mentioned above, the starting point of tourist traffic from Italy to Greece started 40 years ago, both individually and through tour operators. According to the Office of the EOT in Milan, approximately 580,000 people travelled through the 2007 package, with 27% of them to travel by sea and the remaining 73% air, even with low cost flights, and / or charters from Rome and Milan to Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos.
In general, the "representative" Italian tourist is a person with middle and higher educated and comes from Northern and Central Italy, while a high percentage of them come to Greece with their private car, since the cost of transport from Italy, is significantly less than the air. In addition, about one third of the Italian visitors prefer high-class hotels to stay, while 60% of tourists make the trip to Greece during the summer months, particularly July and August. This confirms the trend in the preferences of the average Italian visitor to our country, based on the criterion of the sun and the sea.
Indeed the previous is confirmed by a limited survey by questionnaire of ten questions, with Italian companies that organize trips, conducted by the ATEM, summer of 2009. In accordance,  the responses, a common component of ground preference of Greece as a country holiday, the triangle is "sun, sea and beach, ie the island and coastal area of the country. Over 85% of customers indicates that finds the Greek tourist product as a whole, quite good, with 12% to remain completely satisfied with what they offered.
Regarding the future trends of the Italian tourist stream to Greece, this should be done through targeted advertising projected that will be made with the assistance of new technology (Internet) and media (newspapers, television, tourism and other forms ), since in this way is covered the full potential audience that is interested to know about the tourist services provided by countries of destination.
The Italian arrivals are expected to surpass 1.5 million in 2020. However, the growth path of arrivals from the neighboring country does not follow a linear path. The past shows that tourism from Italy following strong annual variations that require further analysis, such as natural seasonality of arrivals.

Source :
Rhodian newspaper "Democratic"

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