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Prospects of Cretan tourism in 2010

Increase in foreign tourist arrivals in Greece for 2010 compared to 2009 is expected by the general secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, mr George Pousaios. As stated it is unknown yet whether this rise will be accompanied with an increase in revenue. The above forecast was in the 3rd Conference Tourism & Property in Crete "Prospects of the Cretan Tourism in 2010 ", held Saturday, February the 20th, at the Galaxy Hotel in Heraklion, Crete.

Mr. Pousaios, who opened the conference sessions, noted that is already reshaping the ESPA for tourism, adding that government's objective is to extend the tourist season and to facilitate the investment framework for tourism to attract investment. In this, is establishing, by the Ministry of Culture Tourism, management to attract investments . The general secretary of the ministry added that the advertising expenditure projection of Greece abroad will be limited because of high debts of EOT.

The conference was organized by the company "Real Events" and the Prefecture of Heraklion. More than 210 tour operators and hoteliers had the "present" and attended the conference united the polar and state leadership of the county.

Welcoming the conference, the Prefect of Heraklion Mrs Evangelia Schinaraki, developed the activities of the prefecture at the tourism, stressing that Crete is a region highly favored for its natural beauty, mild climate and cultural heritage. The favorite destination for comprehensive Crete is to be able to implement twelve months tourism, linking the two main drivers of the Cretan economy, that is the agricultural sector and tourism.

Analysis of the prospects of Greek tourism presented by former Minister of Economy and Finance, Professor of Economic Analysis at the Department of International & European Economic Studies Athens University of Economics, Mr. Nikos Christodoulakis, stressing the need to promote special forms of tourism for Greece, with reference to examples of specific forms of tourism are being successfully applied in western countries, the implementation of which will allow Crete to reach the twelve months tourism.

The former Minister for Tourism, Mr Nick Skoulas said that the Cretan tourism is at a crucial crossroads, required to reposition to the tourist market producing and providing a rich, thematic tourism product (activity oriented tourism) in groups with diverse interests, which also is more economically efficient.

The chairman and spokesman of National Center for Ecological Studies, Prof. Panayiotis Christodoulakis presented study results and measurements of the PAKOE, on "Tourism and the Environment in numbers".

The conference program included the headings "Investment Opportunities and Prospects of Tourism in Crete" and "Tourism Development & Green", developed by leading contributors from Greece and abroad:

- Graeme Grant, Managing Director, Resort Group International - Dr. Jonathan Edwards, The School of Services Management, Bournemouth University - Nikiforos Lambrinos, president of Hotel Association of Heraklion - Stavros Paterakis, former president of the Travel Agents Western Crete, Michael Chorafas, Prefectural Committee Chairman Lassithi TEE / TAK etc.

Source : TravelDailyNews
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