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Greek presence in New York

Meetings with tour operators and U.S. media, had Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Paul Geroulanos during the Travel Show of New York Times, at New York.

This is one of the top exhibitions of this kind, with more than 500 exhibitors and an average of 27,000 visitors, which was attended and Greece with central kiosk at the entrance of the EOT's report.

In meeting with the tour operators (who are involved with 32 stands at the EOT place ), the Minister informed them of the difficult economic situation and the limited resources available, but stressing that tourism is a priority and will be supported with an emphasis on quality, strengthen the special forms of tourism and the proper promotion of the image of Greece.

The tour operators informed him about the problems facing with the lack of infrastructure by the departure of the Olympic routes to New York, that has created huge problems in finding jobs, especially during March - April and September - October. Special mention was also made in the absence of targeted strategy and uncontrolled waste of money on promotion and advertising of the country, noting that neither was targeted and that the message was muddled. They explained that there is increased interest in new forms of tourism that already has launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture beyond the model of "sun - sea".

At the same time, Mr. Geroulanos gave a series of interviews to foreign networks that met with considerable interest. Among other things, gave an interview to the TV channel of the New York Times, to the Chinese-American television network NTDTV and numerous of correspondents, referring to the country's comparative advantages in tourism. During his visit to the exhibition, had specific discussions with participants in the tourist stand of Cyprus.

The meetings in the Travel Show continued yesterday with many contacts, with both agencies as well as with major international media, always within the projection of Greece and tourism .

source : Red Magazine

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