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Cheaper and faster visa for Russians

Multiple entry visas for 6-12 months to 5 years, Greece will provide to the Russian citizens in accordance with what is said by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Paul Geroulanos from Moscow.

As he explained, the multiple-entry 6-12 months visas will be granted to friends of Greece, ie those who are frequently or want to return after the first trip, during the same year, while up to 5 year old visas are issued to those who are known to the Greek authorities and come in Greece, especially for business reasons.

Mr Geroulanos stated to the news agency RIA- Novosti, that the Greek government plans also the reduction of the cost for a visa, that the visa centres receive in Russia, so that the payment of 35, which is collected by consulates to be the final cost for each visa. "We are looking for ways to take over this additional cost," said Mr Geroulanos, adding that he expects approval by the Ministry of Finance of Greece.

"Between Greece and Russia there is a deep cultural connection," said Geroulanos, fact which encourages the desire of mutual acquaintance and tourism, which is a form of cultural exchange.

The move by Russia
"The messages we have from the first booking of the tourist market of Russia have given us optimism. After the contacts we have had with tour operatorsin Russia, looks is expected an increase in tourist traffic to Greece which can reach or surpass even the 30%. These messages are very encouraging. In this development must be highlighted the decline of the euro against the ruble - the exchange rate is at 40.6 rubles per euro - and keeping the prices of the hotels in 2009 level, "said Ms Gerekou.

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