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Russian Tourists in Crete
With one year break, on which the charter flights from the Russian market had been interrupted, is expected to bring many Russian tourists in Chania next season. Particularly this year will be direct flights from Chania, both of St. Petersburg, through the airline "Bulgova" and with Moscow through the airline "Trans Aero". The flights that are scheduled from every destination is one per week and the first charter will arrive in Chania from St. Petersburg on May the 29th and from Moscow on June the 5th.

The owner of Kalamaki Travel
and representative of these two charter flights, that are going to be throughout this year's season from Moscow and St Petersburg, Mr Miltiadis Despotakis, claimed that " the one plane that lands at Chania is an Airbus 320, which has a capacity of 160 persons and the other will be a Boing, which has 120 seats. It is about the number of Russians, visitors who arrived in Chania Prefecture two years ago. For Greek tourism and tourism in our country the Russian market is very important, as the Russians spend enough money to travel, as opposed to tourists from other countries who do not use in the shops and businesses in the prefecture.
The Russians are also interested in excursions to archaeological and historical sites and nature and find it interesting in visiting the monasteries, as they are people with Orthodox tradition and worship. "

According to Mr. Despotakis, "the Russian, who comes to our country belongs to the middle class and upper, nevertheless find in Chania and Crete prices are more expensive 150-200 euro for the package, paying in corresponding class hotels in Egypt, Tunisia or Turkey. We, therefore, address to a different market. But Russian customers spend a lot of money equivalent to 2 to 3 clients of other nationalities who are currently in our country and our city. Tourists are not traveling ten times a year, but once or twice and they need to live differently holidays.

He also added that "the Russians are interested in sightseeing, because they are very selective customers on the historic form of our country and are interested in history and historical tours, but then again they are interested in the excursions, they have to do only with Nature. For example, many customers are interested in trips to Gramvousa or Knossos and Santorini.
Noted that the itineraries of charter flights from Russia to Chania will last this year until late September and is estimated that with these two flights will arrive in Chania Prefecture around 4500 Russian tourists.

Mr Despotakis finally said that " the professionals involved with the tourism, should pay attention to services to the Russians tourists. We should also be more hospitable to them and not to speculate against them, in order to trust us as a tourist destination. The treatment to these customers should be the appropriate and should not "steal" them in one way or the other. "

source: newspaper KHRYKAS
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