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Intense interest of Israeli tourists in Greece
The strong and growing interest of Israelis in Greece as a destination has been confirmed at the meetings of the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr Paul Geroulanos during his visit to Tel Aviv on Monday, September 6. In liaison with the Minister of Tourism Mr Sas Misezhnikov, Minister of Culture, Science and Sport and the major tour operators in Israel, confirmed that the significant increase in the attendance of Israeli visitors to Greece (45% increase over last year) will not continue simply but will strengthen further. Similarly, the attendance of Greek visitors to Israel has increased and especially in Jerusalem as a religious tourism.

At the meeting of Mr Geroulanou with Mr. Sas Misezhnikov was expressed from both sides  the satisfaction for the commencement of direct talks that will lead to mutual development of tourism between Greece and Israel and are performed as a continuation of the cycle partnerships announced by the George Papandreou and Benjamin Netanyahu at a recent meeting in Athens. Particularly emphasized the need to ensure that tourism relations between the two countries won't have circumstancial but timeless character. For Greece it is important that the attendance of Israeli visitors will extend the tourist season for the Greek market.
During the meetings of the Minister of Culture and Tourism with tourism stakeholders identified the need to expand the direct flights Greece-Israel, to organize travel tour operators and journalists in Greece (fam trips) and to highlight destinations in the inland of particular interest to the Israelis. Both the Minister of Tourism Tas Misezhnikov and tour operators have also referred to the Israeli love for Greek music and cuisine that are reference points for the visitors from Israel.
Mr. Paul Geroulanos presented to his interlocutors the Thessaloniki Crossroads of Cultures, which aims to host a civilization every year in Thessaloniki, starting from the Middle East in 2011. The Minister of Culture, Science and Sport Limor Livnat said that she was excited about the program and with the participation of Israel. It is characteristic that the dance and literature are already operating as a bridge between the Greek and Israeli culture.
Earlier, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, visited the Museum Yad Yashem, where he laid a wreath in memory of Holocaust victims. He also had a telephone conversation with the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III, who welcomed the moves being made to enhance tourism and referred particularly in the increased turnout of Greek visitors to Jerusalem.
Source: http://www.t-p.gr/news/topnews/5328
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