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Invest in wind park Greece
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Invest in wind park GreecePozycja numer : #WP-100
Lokalizacja : Grecja
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Invest in wind park Greece, the very rapid development of wind energy, economically competitive and environment friendly energy choice, is the best opportunity for your investment plans…
This wind park of 42MW has all licenses in place to be constructed.

The total production is expected to generate 87.000.000KB energy, while the price per KBH is 0,0875.

The annual operating expenses are estimated at 1.700.000 Euros and the annual turnover will be about about 9.135.000 Euros including the maintenance and spare parts costs.

The selling price depends on whether the project will be purchased fully constructed, co-developed or if only the licenses are purchased.
  • Potential of entire project sales OR co-development
  • Price: After request
Some facts
  • Greece's energy market is at the forefront of transformative changes that are attracting investors from around the globe.

  • With Greece emerging as the energy hub of Southeast Europe, deregulation in the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity and energy supplies, and an aggressive drive for renewable sources to play a major role in energy supply, the country is at the centre of significant growth opportunities.

  • Wind, or aeolic, power is driving growth in the renewable sector and represents a huge investment potential in Greece. The superb wind resources in Greece are among the most attractive in Europe, with a profile of more than 8 meters/second and/or 2.500 wind hours in many parts of the country. Capacity increased by an average of 30% annually between 1990 and 2003 and almost 30% of total capacity was installed in the period of 2003-2004.

  • It is estimated that today 1.400MW of wind farms are operating while the target is 7.500MW to be installed by 2020, from which 300MW are attributed to offshore wind farms.
Greece's favourable, long-term legislative framework ensures RES investment and has gained the confidence of major investors. Among the global giants active in Greece are Spain's Endesa, in cooperation with the Mytelineos Group, Iberdola in cooperation with Rokas, Acciona and Gamesa. In addition, France's EDF and Veolia, Italy's Enel, and Germany's WPD and WRE are present in this market and look forward to continued success and growth.

Wind energy has the advantage of being a priority sector of the Greek government. Renewable can be developed in Greece at very competitive costs and the target is for renewable to have 40% share of electricity production by 2020. Because these targets are legally binding, due to EU regulations and Kyoto Protocol agreements, investors can be assured of stable, long-term market objectives in the Greek Res market.

Advantages of Investing in Wind Energy
  • Superb wind resources - among the best in Europe
  • Priority dispatch by the system operator
  • High feed in tariffs
  • 20-year PPA (power purchase agreement)
  • Favourable, long-term legislative framework, ensuring investment reliability
The growth of the renewable sector in Greece is guaranteed by legally binding targets that require a RES share of 40% of total produced energy by 2020, from a current share of nearly 10%, which includes small hydroelectric dams.

Why Greece?

Price (Euros) After request
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Invest in wind park Greece
Invest in wind park Greece
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