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Private Island for Sale
Private Island for SaleReference No : #PV-113
Location : Greece :: Ionian Islands / Sea
Category : Private islands

At Ionian Sea, famous for its crystal clear water of the deepest blue colour, the biggest island of Echinades complex, close to Astakos Island, with a total surface of 5.250 acre, is for sale.


The land is inclining and flat and full of vegetation and the highest point is 250m. The land is also clear from forestry and every 10.000m2 a house of 130m2 can be constructed.
The island has no roads but there are some sandy beaches, bays and small harbours, while one can find some houses that were used by the shepherds. There is no electricity and there is drilling water.

Just a perfect environment for one to live as there is no industry or pollution in the area. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot dry summers, minimal rainfall, and mild winters.

For its purchasing is available all the necessary documentation.
Please Note :  (1 stremma = 1000 square metres). Stremma: a traditional Greek unit of area, now redefined to equal exactly 1000 square meters or 0.1 hectare (0.24710 acre).

Why Greece?

  • It has strict build density regulations, which will avoid major developments in future and thus overbuilding
  • Only 3 hours from London and many European cities making it a viable weekend break holiday destination
  • Voted by the Lonely Planet Guide 2010 ( http://www.ktimatoemporiki.gr/news/37/) as one of the top 10 countries in the world to visit

Price (Euros) 45000000
Land area (m²) 5250 acre
Trees yes
Water yes
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


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