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Property in Crete, Rethymnon
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Property in Crete, RethymnonReference No : #13-320
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Rethymno :: Municipality of Rethymnon
Category : Land :: Private purpose :: Over 100.000 Euros

Property in Crete, Rethymnon, beautiful land is now for sale benefiting from amazing panoramic views from the crystal blue sea and the Cretan mountains…
Located in a lovely picturesque village, this land of 5.513,56m has a slight slope and faces a paved road for 4m.

The land allows 430m of constructions and can also be divided in up to 8 smaller pieces of land all buildable, depending on the needs of the purchaser.

Building your dream house in the countryside can become a reality and you will certainly enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking views that this piece of land can provide you with!


This beautiful piece of land is at a village near the famous monastery of Arkadi. Inside the village you will find a small mini market and a small tavern as well as some kafenia. From Arkadi starts a new road through the Amari valley where you will see also the new lake Potamous. The beach is about 30min away by car. A local bus is passing 3-4 times per day. You will certainly meet mostly local people in this village, but that's exact the charming side of Crete.

The former municipality of Arkadi consists of the 13 communities of Adele, Amnatos, Ancient Eleftherna, Eleftherna, Erfi, Kyrianna, Messi, Pangalochori, Pigi, Prinos, Skouloufia, Chamalevri and Charkia. The municipal department is located east of the town of Rethymno and extends from the beach of Adelianos Kampos to the northern side of the Gardiki hilltop.

The Arkadi Monastery
As you continue west of Ancient Eleftherna, you pass the ugly modern village and then turn left at the intersection with the signs directing you to the Arkadi Monastery. This monastery is the most sacred symbol of the Cretan fight for independence. On 9th November 1866, a Turkish army force of 15.000 men, led by Suleiman Bey and having 30 cannons, besieged the monastery. Inside it were 350 armed rebels along with their wives and kids, a rough total of 1.000 people.

The battle that followed was entirely uneven and the rebels were doomed from the start. Still, they put up a fierce resistance against the Turks, who suffered heavy casualties. When the cannons knocked down the gate and the Turks rushed into the monastery, the rebels, along with their wives and kids, shut themselves inside the powder magazine. Hundreds of Turks gathered outside, never expecting what would happen next. When the courtyard was filled with Turks, one of the rebels set the powder barrels on fire, and the building went up in flames, sending some 1.500 Turks to the Muslim paradise. Many of the street names you'll see in the Cretan towns and villages, especially on the main roads, belong to the protagonists of that tragic event. Among them were Hatzimichalis Giannaris, Gabriel the Abbot (Ighoùmenos Ghavriìl), Giamboudakis, Yannis Demakopoulos and Giorgos Daskalakis.

After the liberation of the island, the monastery was rebuilt according to its original design, so what you see today must not differ much from the way it was then. In the small museum of the monastery you can see some wonderful icons and precious relics from the time of the holocaust. The architecture of the place, which reminds one of a fortress, the excellent maintenance of the buildings, and of course the History behind these walls is the primary reasons why the Arkadi monastery is at the top of all the travel offices' list. This is also the only drawback in visiting it; no matter what time you come, the monastery will be full of visitors

Why Greece?
Price (Euros) 160000
Build area (m²) 430
Land area (m²) 5513,56
Distance to airport, km 85
Distance to beach, km 17
Town Distance, km 17
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881
[email protected]

Detailed Images

Property in Crete, Rethymnon
View of the location :: Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Property in Crete, Rethymnon
View :: Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Aspect of the land :: Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Aspect of the land :: Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Aspect of the land :: Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Property in Crete, Rethymnon
Aspect of the land :: Property in Crete, Rethymnon
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