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Property for sale Crete, Chania
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Property for sale Crete, ChaniaReference No : #03-1324
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Chania :: Municipality of Chania
Category : Land

Property for sale in Crete, Chania, a rare piece of land featuring unbelievable 180 degree views expanding from Agia Marina, the whole Akrotiri peninsula up to Souda bay…
It's All About the View! This outstanding land of 2.000m² is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build your own dream home of 200m² and create the ultimate lifestyle enjoying panoramic views of the beautiful bay that will always remain uninterrupted.

Located in the well known area of Tsikalaria, famous for its absolutely breathtaking views, and just 4 km from the historical old town of Chania, this spectacular land with unparalleled views to the beautiful mountains offers everything you could wish for!


The land is located just 2km from the well known area of Souda, that provides all kind of accommodations and entertainment and it is linked regularly by bus to Chania. From Souda one can visit the interesting surrounding region as well as Aptera which used to be a powerful city of Greece and where Roman and Byzantine remains and a Turkish fort can still be seen.

Tsikalaria is built amphitheatrically at the foot of the mountain "Malaxa" in the Chania Prefecture, West Crete and consists of the districts of "Tsikalaria", "Ag. Foteini", "Alona" and "Metohia". There are many theories about the origin of name of the village. The most dominant assigns the name "tsikalaria" to the clay-made pots, which used to be a local product. Until a few years ago, there were still remains from the clay factories in the region. According to tradition, technicians from the region migrated to the island of Sifnos and transmitted there the art of clay. Furthermore, according to tradition, the village of "Tsikalaria" was also known as "Arhontohori".

The name of the "Metohia" district originated from the names of the first Turkish rulers, who lived there and built their villas, still preserved today. The name of the village "Ag. Foteini" originated from the church of St. Foteini, which still exists and was a former monastery. At the village's canter, there is a preserved Turkish mosque, which was formerly a church dedicated to St. Nicolas.

The central spring water fountain of the village is located at the mosque, which was used by the Turks for cleansing themselves before entering the mosque. At the entrance of the mosque there is also a well preserved Turkish coffee shop.

The church of St. Antoine is a remarkable attraction for visitors, with its recently renovated bell tower and its imposing entrance, built on a panoramic location. To the west, the famous Byzantine church of Virgin Mary is located, with its beautiful 16th-17th century cupola.

In the district of "Alona" (Turkish fortress) there is a deep well, where many local revolutionaries were thrown to their death by the Turks. The revolutionaries themselves were forced to dig and construct this well.

The district of "Metohia is still inhabited by the descendants of refuges from Asia Minor who came to Crete with the population exchange that took place between Greece and Turkey, after the tragedy in Asia Minor. These refuges brought with them unique cultural traditions of Asia Minor, blending it with local traditions. In "Metohia" there is the church of St. John "the Rigologos".
Every year in Tsikalaria, many cultural events and festivals are organized by the local Cultural Organization. The most important are:
  • The St. Antoine festival
  • The St. John "the Rigologos" festival
  • The "rosewater festival" in spring, is a festivity that revives the traditional way of producing rosewater.

Souda Chania
The small town of Souda has about 5.500 inhabitants and is located in Souda Bay, east of Chania.
The town has a port which is the second biggest of Crete and one of the biggest ports of Greece; daily and regular ferry services are connecting Souda to the harbour of Piraeus.
In the middle of the bay is a small islet of the same name with a beautiful Venetian castle standing in its centre.

The Fortress of Souda in Chania Crete
Just opposite of Itzedin Fortress in Chania, there is a small, lush green island where the Venetians built one of the strongest castles in Crete. The Fortress of Souda covers the whole island, so that it was impregnable. Built by the Venetians in 1573, this fortress would protect the locals from invasion of enemies or pirates.

The fortress was surrendered to Turks in 1715 after many battles. It remained under Ottoman occupation till 1913, when the Greek flag was raised there and Crete was united to the Greek state. On the island, there is a small church of Saint Nicolas. Another islet called "Leon" stands on the North West. This fortress played an important role in the Cretan battles for freedom.

Why Greece?

Price (Euros) 105000
Previous Price (Euros) 170000
Build area (m²) 200
Land area (m²) 2000
Sea View yes
Mountain View yes
Outskirt Village yes
On Hill yes
Distance to airport, km 12
Seaport Distance, km 2
Distance to beach, km 5
Town Distance, km 4
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881
[email protected]

Detailed Images

Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
Property for sale Crete, Chania
View :: Property for sale Crete, Chania
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