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Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
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Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in GreeceReference No : #GrSte3-101
Location : Greece :: Sterea Hellas
Category : Invest on Land

Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece, find the fountains of life…Spring water!

A wonderful example of natural beauty, two absolutely amazing plots with 3 natural sources of sparkling water are now coming for sale…


From the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Greece, on two privately owned plots of land, 7.500 and 15.000m² respectively, one can find the fountains of life…spring water.

During the summer months and in winter, without letup, water has been flowing freely from the earth's reservoirs, cold crystal clear, perfect for drinking and bottling, all according to the formal chemical analyses of the Greek governmental laboratories (which are also suitable for pharmaceutical by-products).

According to formal UNESCO research, the location is classified as one of the five top destinations of the world, which is environmentally pollution free and without any contaminating sources. The clarity of the water is so high that it could be introduced in the market under a supreme label according to the Formal Greek Governmental Laboratories (analysis on hand). It is noticeable that here are no industries or agricultural cultivations in the area for the vicinity of over 50km.

The type of the water is mineral and is 3 centigrade degrees all year round. The abstraction of the water is directly from the sources and the productivity is 40.000 up to 80.000 litres per hour.

The access to the sources is via asphalted roads and other support projects have been constructed by the Greek Government and the Municipality.

Providing amazing natural surroundings, this place is blessed with nature's invigorating gifts of water, flowers, trees, and inspiring scenery.


This magnificent waterfall property is located in a delightful location, in one of the prefectures forming the Periphery of Central Greece. It has a mountainous landscape, with Mt. Panaitoliko and Mt. Tymfristos occupying most of its territory. It is rich in water supply; the mighty river Acheloos flows along its west border and rivers Agrafiotis and Megdovas in the east. Most of its border to the west is occupied by the artificial lake Kremaston.

The capital town of the prefecture enjoys the cleanest air in Europe but is sparsely populated. People frequent the prefecture's rivers rafting and canoeing and the skiing centre on Mt. Velouhi during holidays, but the location is just starting to take advantage of its vast environmental resources. Agro-tourism has just started to develop; in the last 10years the tourist infrastructure is becoming all the more adequate to serve the prefecture's visitors.

A great number of monasteries, churches, Byzantine monuments, museums, stone bridges, picturesque small taverns, traditional hostels, luxurious hotels, extreme sports and ski facilities and majestic landscapes of unique natural beauty are waiting to be discovered by the inquisitive and nature-loving traveller. Mountain biking, walking, photographing the rich local flora and fauna, hunting, river fishing, riding, are only a few of the activities possible here.

Why Greece?

Price (Euros) 1000000
Previous Price (Euros) 35000000
Land area (m²) 15000 + 7500
Water yes
Town Distance, km 18 (capital town)
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881
[email protected]

Detailed Images

Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
Unique Properties with Waterfall for sale in Greece
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