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Invest on Land in Greece
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Invest on Land in GreeceReference No : #23-110
Location : Greece :: Crete
Category : Invest on Land

Invest on Land in Greece, land of 90.000m² that can be divided into 79 smaller plots which are set in a scenic coastal area of Heraklion, close to the sea and just 300m away from famed, seaside hotels, popular with a large volume of tourists during the summer season...
A potential project can be erected in the form of a private village with areas of green, parks, restaurants, a conference centre, mini-markets, sports facilities and pathways.

Each plot would then vary from 435m² to 530m² and have a building capacity of 200m² for residences which could have a rustic architectural character that blend with the Cretan tradition, making it your private heaven on earth.

Thanks to the privileged position 50m above sea level, the spot affords panoramic views of the aqua hues of the Aegean Sea as well as of the yachts bobbing in the gentle waves of Heraklion's picturesque marina.

Featuring the most amazing uninterrupted views of the crystal blue sea, and idyllically located just a few steps from it you can dreamingly admire the most wonderful sunset from your balcony which would complete your day!

Just perfectly placed to admire the outstanding beauty and breathtaking views, inviting you to discover this fabulous island boasting extraordinary natural landscapes.

The wider region of the area is equally stunning in all its natural glory with its olive groves, pine trees and blanket of colorful wild plants and flowers that complement the lush green of the landscape and the glistening blue of the sea.

The antiquities of Knossos as well as other archaeological sites of the Heraklion prefecture are within close proximity, whilst the Heraklion International Airport and Port are just 15km away. Enjoy the sites of Knossos and the wider area and savor a leisurely coffee in one of the surrounding quaint villages.

With its sparkling waters and beautiful Cretan landscapes bathed in the warm rays of the year-long sun, this coastal area is the perfect place to make your home and enjoy a new life on your own piece of paradise!

Having evaluated all the above, live a new life in a paradise of sunshine, sea, safety and advancement. Along with the quality of life, gain a timeless and sound investment.


Crete - The Pearl of the Mediterranean
However, Crete is the largest island in Greece - the fifth largest in the Mediterranean - and, within its diverse area of more than 8.000kms, there are many other jewels just waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous explorers of holiday treasures. If you haven't visited Crete yet, this summer may be the time to come and discover this fascinating Greek island. If it captures your heart, don't worry. Come back next year and Crete will welcome you once more with its smiling Cretan sun, the sounds of the Cretan lyre, the scents of orange blossom and jasmine, a slice of cool red watermelon and a glass of iced raki.

Crete straddles two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and the North African mainly falling within the former. As such, the climate in Crete is primarily temperate. The atmosphere can be quite humid, depending on the proximity to the sea, while winter is fairly mild. Snowfall is common on the mountains between November and May, but rare in the low lying areas, especially near the coast when it only stays on the ground for a few minutes or hours. However, a truly exceptional cold snap swept the island in February 2004, during which period the whole island was blanketed with snow. During the Cretan summer, average temperatures reach the high 20s-low 30s Celsius (mid 80s to mid 90s Fahrenheit), with maxima touching the upper 30s-mid 40s (above 110 F / 43.3 C).

The south coast, including the Mesare Plain and Asterousia Mountains falls in the North African climatic zone, and thus enjoys significantly more sunny days and high temperatures throughout the year. In southern Crete, date palms bear fruit, and swallows remain year-round rather than migrate to Africa.

Crete is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. Fifteen percent of all arrivals in Greece come through the city of Heraklion (port and airport), while charter journeys to Heraklion last year made up 20% of all charter flights in Greece. Overall, more than two million tourists visited Crete last year, and this increase in tourism is reflected on the number of hotel beds, rising by 53% in the period between 1986 and 1991, when the rest of Greece saw increases of only 25%.

Today, the island's tourism infrastructure caters to all tastes, including a very wide range of accommodation; the island's facilities take in large luxury hotels with their complete facilities, swimming pools, sports and recreation, smaller family-owned apartments, camping facilities and others. Visitors reach the island via two international airports in Heraklion and Chania or by boat to the main ports of Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos

Some of the most famous tourist attractions include the Minoan sites of Knossos and Phaistos the classical site of Gortys the Venetian old city and port of Chania the Venetian castle at Rethymno and the Samaria Gorge.

Why Greece?

Price (Euros) 10700000
Build area (m²) 15800
Land area (m²) 90000
By sea yes
Sea View yes
Mountain View yes
Distance to airport, km 25
Distance to beach, km 0,5
Town Distance, km 15
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881
[email protected]

Detailed Images

Invest on Land in Greece
View of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Impression of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Impression of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Impression of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Impression of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Impression of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Impression of the location :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Land layout :: Invest on Land in Greece
Invest on Land in Greece
Possible separation :: Invest on Land in Greece
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