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Solar parks for sale
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Solar parks for saleReference No : #SP-101
Location : Greece :: Sterea Hellas
Category : Business

Solar parks for sale, photovoltaic plants well allocated in blessed with abundant sunshine Greece...

A bright future shall offer these solar energy parks well appointed in a country where sun shines 310 days a year!

As not constructed yet, the estimation for their completion is at 1.800.000 Euros per 1MW. The licenses for sale refer to a huge land where the parks will be constructed, leased for long term with all permits taken and paid until the end of 2011.

Also paid will be the connection to the National Electricity Company and the cost of manufacturing an electricity substation (which is required and constructed by the National Electricity Company for big solar farms).

The annual production is 1.800.000KBH per 1MW while the price per KBH is 0,35.

The plants will generate 12MB each, resulting in very strong revenue, in fact a 12% return of the investment before taxes.

Extra optional services offered
  • Construction management 2,5% of the budget
  • Operation management 2,6% of the annual turnover (maintenance, spare parts and materials not included)
Some facts
  • Greece's energy market is at the forefront of transformative changes which are attracting investors from around the globe. With Greece emerging as the energy hub of Southeast Europe, deregulation in the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity and energy supplies, and an aggressive drive for renewable sources to play a major role in energy supply, the country is at the centre of significant growth opportunities.

  • One of the core components of Greece's energy profile will be solar, or photovoltaic, energy. Greece has a superb sun radiation capacity and it is estimated that one third of Greece's energy requirements could be met with solar. Experts believe that the market will grow impressively and have a value of more than 4 billion Euros in just a few years.

  • Greece is encouraging the development of solar thermal energy and a number of small- and mid-size companies have invested in this sector. As a result, today's capacity in installed PVs has reached 198MW and is expected to reach 2.200MW by 2020.
Investors are discovering the high potential solar has in the Greek market. During the summer months, when radiation is at its peak, Greece has a huge increase in demand due to the influx of millions of tourists. In addition, there is a growing energy need in rural areas and islands as these areas develop. And state agencies, industry, and many hotels have shown a strong willingness to use photovoltaic energy.

Why Greece?

Price (Euros) 3000000
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


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Detailed Images

Solar parks for sale
Solar parks for sale
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