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Olive trees for sale in Crete
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Olive trees for sale in CreteReference No : #03-1628
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Chania :: Municipality of Chania
Category : Land

Olive trees for sale in Crete, just 7km from the beach and 8km from Chania center, spreads over ample fertile plots of 12.650. The plot has a facade of 90 and comprises 275 olive trees which give an average annual production
of prime quality olive oil of about 2.500 kg. The olive trees are aged 20-25 years and has irrigation system.

Opposite to this plot there is the ption of a second and bigger plot, separated by municipal road, which spreads over ample 18.100

and includes 270 olive trees and 180 orange trees.

In the past, the wealth of people was measured by the number of olive trees that they owned.

Olives in Crete are very special and just about every property has a tree or one near by.

They can be seen everywhere from the olive farms to the beaches and even in the middle of walk ways.

An olive tree can live for several hundred years and each olive tree becomes a work of art in its own right

– the older a tree becomes the more intricate and interesting the growth pattern.

This beautiful, enduring tree represents peace, fruitfulness, purification and also strength,victory and reward (Olympic Games).

The olive tree and its produce have played an important role throughout the centuries in the nutrition, therapeutic care of the body,

economy and religious ceremonies. The olive tree is a sacred tree which had economic, cultural and spiritual value.

Both olive and orange trees are considered the gold of Crete and enjoy a great reputation in global exports.

Do not miss the chance to have your own organic olive oil production and taste juicy fresh oranges right from your garden, you yourself have cultivated!

There is nothing compared to the pleasure of being part of the growth and enjoying the fruit of your work! This could be also a great chance for profit

or alternatively for private use with friends and family.

The first plot has also a building capacity of 370
and its price is 120,000 euros.

The second plot has as well a building capacity of 480
and its price is 185,000 euros.


Chania is one of the top touristic destinations of Crete. Here you find yourself in the crossroad of many civilizations

blending their colours, tastes, architecture and history for the creation of a cosmopolitan city that offers it all;

beautiful nature still intact (home to many globally known sandy beaches among them Elafonisi and Falasarna), history,

and one of the greatest and more delicious meditteranean diets. Lose yourself in the picturesque alleys of the old town, and

take a trip back in time, getting a taste of the stunning Venetian port. Enjoy a coffee and a fresh lunch in the seafront cafes and restaurants.

This land has a lot to offer. Apart from memorable experiences it can generously give you its fruits and production of the Cretan gold; olive oil.

This is a city that can make your wishes come true! Do not miss the chance to explore it!

Price (Euros) 120000 / 185000
Electricity yes
Water yes
Distance to airport, km 22
Distance to beach, km 7
Town Distance, km 8
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881
[email protected]

Detailed Images

Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
Olive trees for sale in Crete
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