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House for sale in Crete.
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House for sale in Crete.Reference No : #04-1134
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Chania :: Municipality of Platanias
Category : Houses / Villas

House for sale in Crete. In a graphic village of Chania, Alikianos village and only 10km from the beach of Agioi Apostoloi, there is a 95m² detached house, of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, in a plot of 1222m² which is covered with citrus trees such as orange trees and lemon trees, but also with two facades, both to municipal streets, one of 20m and the other one of 12m. In a truly serene location, a literally ideal location as well as opportunity, waiting to become one’s home.
Upon entrance, the house opens up through a hallway which on the lest is armed with one of the bedrooms the house provides, waiting for you to enjoy your relaxation in this private and serene environment.

One the right side and right across the bedroom, one can fine the separate living room, which offers you with access to a covered patio, for you to enjoy all that lovely green landscape and enjoy your time with family and friends, while creating new memories.

The house is also equipped with the dining area , and of course a separate and capacious kitchen which is inviting you to host you tasty creations in it, while the kitchen as well has access to a balcony, overlooking the gorgeous landscape that surrounds the house.

The house also provides you with a second broad bedroom, as well as the bathroom fitted with a bathtub. Last but not least, it is armed with a solar power boiler as well as central heating for your convenience, while there is also an outdoor storage room, and of course enough space to park your cars, while in order to serve your privacy the house is also fenced all around.


Alikianos is a nice village situated about 13 km from the town of Chania on the way to the Omalos mountain.

You drive from Chania first to Oasis (a kind of modern suburb of Chania), then along Lake Agia and shortly afterwards you take the exit on your right to the village Alikianos.

The first thing you notice when you enter the village is the beautiful big church that stands here with its dome and two towers.

At the church is an impressive war memorial of marble with a bronze bird on top to commemorate the people of the Greek resistance that were killed by the Germans in the village. Unfortunately there has been a lot of fighting at this place during the Second World War.

If you walk from the church into the village you will pass houses of which many have orange or lemon trees in the garden. In the village there is even a real factory where orange juice is made.

Crates of oranges are piled up in the street and you can see how they are washed and then disappear into the machines.

From a nice lady who worked here we got a whole pile of oranges to take home. The soil is very fertile around the village of Alikianos and is therefore it is surrounded by field after field with thousands of orange trees.

In Alikianos are the ruins of the Venetian castle that once belonged to the aristocratic Molini family and in a street a little further lies the 14th century church of Agios Ioannis.

The church looks nice on the outside and inside the church (which was open) are some fragments of wall paintings to be seen.

The ruins of the Tower of a Venetian nobleman named Da Molin, built in 1229, are an important sight of the village.

According to the legend, the Tower of Da Molin was haunted because of a wild crime that took place during the wedding of Da Molin’s daughter with the son of the rebel George Kantaleontas.

The Venetian lord did not agree with this marriage. He therefore put sedative in the wine and hanged all the members of the family Kantaleontas.

The Byzantine church of Saint George, which will be also able to see at Alikianos, dates equally from the same period.

On the way to the plateau of Omalos towards the gorge of Samaria, we find one of the most important and historic bridges of Crete, the bridge of the river Keritis.

The bridge is made of stone and it is really impressive and imposing. It was built by the inhabitants of Alikianos in 1908 to connect the lowland villages and the neighborhoods of the village.

It is a relatively narrow bridge, which barely fits two cars. However, the Archaeological Service has proclaimed it as a newest monument.

The bridge was also a place of torment for the locals during the period of the German occupation, and on the 1st of August in 1941, 108 men from the surrounding villages were executed there.

Across from the bridge you will see a majestic monument reminiscent of the Nazi atrocities and their vengeance because of the fact that Crete resisted fiercely and did not surrender.

Price (Euros) 115000
Build area (m²) 95
Land area (m²) 1222
Storage yes
Garden yes
Trees yes
Number of bedrooms 2
Parking yes
Levels 1
Baths 1
Central Heating yes
Electricity yes
Water yes
Distance to airport, km 25
Distance to beach, km 10
Town Distance, km 12
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881
[email protected]

Detailed Images

House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
House for sale in Crete.
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