AEGEAN on Friday announced that it will not proceed to any cancelations or changes to any of its scheduled flights, on both its domestic and international network, during the period of Saturday, November 7 to Monday, November 9.

The company’s notification came following the Greek government’s announcement of a second national lockdown due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which is starting on Saturday and lasting until November 30.

According to AEGEAN, all passengers who hold tickets with a travel date throughout the entire lockdown period – November 7-30 – will be able to change their tickets for another date either during the lockdown or for any travel date, with no rebooking fee. Changes can be made directly through the company’s website or through a travel agency.

As of November 10 and up until November 30, during which Greece’s restrictive measures will remain in force, the company may proceed with further adjustments of its domestic and international network.

It is reminded that Greek airports will not be closed during the lockdown. However, restrictions apply to both domestic and international travelers.

“Unlike the first national lockdown of last spring AEGEAN this time will maintain its domestic and most of its international network, by proceeding to relevant adjustments on frequencies subject to the new travel limitations,” the company said in its announcement.