Apollo: If sales continue at this rate, Greece will be sold out before the summer!

The Scandinavian tour operator Apollo, owned by DER Touristik of the REWE Group, records an incredible explosion in bookings in January, with Greece as the protagonist.

Sales keep increasing, even surpassing January 2018 levels, with a 232% increase on last year’s figures.

“We expected 2023 to be a good year, but we didn’t expect such a demand, so soon. It’s a pleasant surprise,” said Apollo’s Head of Communications, Sandra Miller

According to data from the tour operator, over 70% of bookings for summer holidays are for Greece, with Crete being the most popular destination. “The Greek islands stand out as the most popular destinations, and if sales continue at the same pace, trips to Greece will be sold out before the summer,” Mrs. Miller emphasizes.

Although sun-sea holidays have not lost their momentum, sports-focused travel is showing the greatest growth in demand. Apollo points out that sales for Apollo Sports hotels, which specialize in training, have risen by 70% over the corresponding month in 2022 and 50% in comparison with the pre-pandemic period.