Crete is second in the World and 5th in Europe for 2022 according to TripAdvisor.

 The well-known TripAdvisor website has just announced the list of Travelers’ Choice Awards for the year 2022.

Their annual lists of the top destinations for 2022 have been announced by the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards, with several places in Greece winning high places in different categories.

Of particular interest is the high position of the largest island in our country, Crete, which was found in second place in the list of the most popular destinations in Europe for the current year.  Also, on the corresponding world list, Crete, was ranked in fifth place. In the list of European destinations, the capital, Athens, ranked 14th in the preferences of tourists planning to travel to Europe in 2022, while the island of Corfu was in 16th place.

The criteria for highlighting the specific destinations each year are the following: the quality and the quantity of reviews that have been uploaded for each destination separately in the period from November 1, 2020, to October 31, 2021.

For this year, the first place in the European list is held by London, which at the same time took the second place in the world ranking, losing the top spot to Dubai, the most popular destination in the world, according to the overall preferences of the users of the platform. TripAdvisor.

Overall, we are hoping that 2022 will be the tourist year in which Europe will triumph. This is because Rome, Paris and Barcelona are in third, fifth and sixth place, respectively, with Istanbul in Turkey being in number 4.

According to statistics from the authoritative website TripAdvisor, the number of travelers will increase significantly in 2022, compared to the much quieter 2021. A survey conducted in the UK shows that 78% of respondents are planning to travel exclusively for leisure in this year, a number that exceeds even the percentage of those who traveled for holidays in the period before the pandemic. According to similar studies in 2019 only 72% of Britons traveled abroad for their holidays.

“As the demand for travel returns, priorities change and people seem to be looking for more and more intense travel experiences, experiences that will be unforgettable. Among those surveyed, 70% said that the most important thing on a trip is to explore new destinations”, said Steven Paganelli, TripAdvisor’s head of destination management.

At the same time, Crete has managed to conquer the hearts of travelers from around the world thanks to its’ beaches. In the Top 30 of the top beaches for 2021, according to the corresponding list of TripAdvisor, the beloved Balos and the famous Elafonissi in Chania, occupy the 21st and 24th places, respectively.

These are the 25 most popular European destinations for 2022:

(1) London, England

(2) Crete, Greece

(3) Rome, Italy

(4) Istanbul, Turkey

(5) Paris, France

(6) Barcelona, ​​Spain

(7) Tenerife, Spain

(8) Corsica, France

(9) Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain

(10) Florence, Italy

(11) Madrid, Spain

(12) Lisbon, Portugal

(13) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(14) Athens, Greece

(15) Porto, Portugal

(16) Corfu, Greece

(17) Madeira, Portugal

(18) Venice, Italy

(19) Prague, Czech Republic

(20) Liverpool, England

(21) Malta, Malta

(22) Belek, Turkey

(23) Budapest Hungary

(24) Krakow Poland

(25) Dublin Ireland


These are the 25 most popular world destinations for 2022

(1) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(2) London, England

(3) Cancun, Mexico

(4) Bali, Indonesia

(5) Crete, Greece

(6) Rome, Italy

(7) San Lucas Plain, Mexico

(8) Istanbul, Turkey

(9) Paris, France

(10) Hurghada, Egypt

(11) Barcelona, ​​Spain

(12) Marrakech, Morocco

(13) Tenerife, Spain

(14) Corsica, France

(15) New Delhi, India

(16) Singapore, Singapore

(17) Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain

(18) Florence, Italy

(19) Jaipur, India

(20) Cusco, Peru

(21) Bangkok, Thailand

(22) Doha, Qatar

(23) Phuket, Thailand

(24) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(25) Las Vegas, United States of America