Apartment for sale in Thessaloniki. ID Th4-3762

Apartment for sale in Thessaloniki. ID Th4-3762

Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Balcony
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Living room


Apartment for sale in Thessaloniki. This 100sqm three-bedroom flat, located in the heart of the lovely city of Thessaloniki, is one of the top options in the city center.

The apartment which is located in the sixth floor, consists of a small kitchen, and a spacious living room with large doors opening to the beautiful balcony.

There are also three generous-sized bedrooms with windows, as well as a bathroom with a shower.

Last but not least it has a view of the cityscape and is very bright and airy.

This stunning apartment is a high grade listing in a desired and highly sought out area!

Apartment for sale in Thessaloniki location information:

Thessaloniki Greece (or Salonica), the capital of Macedonia Prefecture, is the second largest city in Greece, after Athens. In fact, the town is honorarily called co-capital, for its historical and administrative importance.

The history of the town started in ancient times and due to its strategic location, it played an important economic and political role in the wider region of the Balkans.

Thessaloniki’s real estate has salvaged its appeal for both domestic and foreign investors. In 2019, the city’s real estate market pivoted to the upward direction due to the growth of Greece’s economy after the recession. Also, the country’s position in the eurozone serves as a boost to prospective investors.

Real estate investment is a major example; according to the Bank of Greece, the amount of direct foreign investments in the property market amounts to €500 million.

Another major boost for the real estate market is the potential rental returns from the flourishing short-term rental market. Since the city is a booming tourist destination, it creates a high demand for rental properties.

Statistics show that records over 3 million tourist visits annually, and this is good news for rental property investors.

Thessaloniki holds a prominent position in Greece’s economy. This is one good reason why investing in real estate in the city is a wise investment choice.

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