Athens Building for sale in Psyrri. ID AB-1085

Athens Building for sale in Psyrri. ID AB-1085

Psyrri, Athens, Greece


Athens Building for sale in Psyrri. Right in the heart of the Historical City of Athens, within the most picturesque districts of the Greek capital, this prestigious building of 322sqm is a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, as it can be transformed into a privileged Boutique Hotel among all options.

Situated in the heart of Athens entertainment and nightlife, and so close to many famous historical and tourist sights, this amazing building boasts, without doubt, a fantastic location compared with an incredible atmosphere!

The building measures a total surface of 322sqm and consists of a basement, a ground floor, a first floor, and a mezzanine floor.

It dates back to 1900 and needs to be renovated in order to be brought back to its former glory.

Located in a hotspot for tourism with all historical monuments and tourist landmarks at hand and with excellent access around the city with public transport facilities found just meters away, this is a great starting point for every savvy investor who is looking for a tremendous investment opportunity in the fascinating city of Athens.

Athens Building for sale in Psyrri Location Information:

A colourful neighbourhood that received a facelift before the Olympic Games in 2004, Psyrri is a gentrified district in central Athens.

Filled with fashionable bars, hip restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, Psyrri is a fun area to explore by day or by night.

As you make your way through this colourful area, you will come across hipster-approved bars, cool eateries and cafes, but don’t forget that the strength of Psyrri is definitely its bars, catering to all tastes and style.

However, Psyrri’s most striking feature is that it is a real open-air street art gallery. Covering walls, store and house facades, parking lots and everything in between, graffiti is everywhere in Psyrri.

From colourful murals covering an entire facade to small doodles, you will see it all. While some have no artistic value, others convey a message or adorn the walls with a sense of beauty.

Don’t forget to drop by Louka Nika Street, a small yet colourful backstreet where a street art festival is organized by next-door hotel, Heart of Athens.

Today, the street is filled with bright murals, which change periodically and it is the perfect backdrop for a fun selfie session with your buddies.

But Psyrri is more than just street art central. It is also home to several interesting art galleries, such as AD Gallery and Sarri 12, where you can discover the local contemporary art scene.

You can also uncover small factories, storage stores and shops selling leather, boxes of all shapes and sizes and even some with all sorts of things like baskets, wicker chairs and ropes.

Fashionistas and alternative crowds enjoy the plethora of Psyrri’s vintage and second-hand stores, while a tranquil walk around the area will always allow you to discover unexpected hidden gems and quaint cafes.

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