Hotel Building for sale in Metaxourgio, Athens. ID A2-357

Hotel Building for sale in Metaxourgio, Athens. ID A2-357

Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece


Hotel Building for sale in Metaxourgio, Athens. Proudly set in a rapidly upcoming suburb of Athens, in Metaxourgio, just 150m away from the subway station, these impressive buildings are ideal to be transformed into Luxury Boutique Hotel.

They total 709sqm while there is an additional building capacity, thus there can be 1.560sqm in total.

The buildings boast a unique beauty, a combination of 525sqm of listed buildings on the facade and new buildings completing a stunning image.

A transformation will reflect the existing potentials, along with the benefits of the superb location.

Hotel Building for sale in Metaxourgeio Athens Location Information:

Metaxourgeio or Metaxourgio or Metaxourghio is a neighborhood of Athens. The neighborhood is located north of the historical center of Athens, between Kolonos to the east and Kerameikos to the west, and north of Gazi.

Metaxourgeio is frequently described as a transition neighborhood. After a long period of abandonment in the late 20th century, the area is acquiring a reputation as an artistic and fashionable neighborhood due to the opening of many art galleries, museums, and trendy restaurants and cafes.

Moreover, local efforts to beautify and invigorate the neighborhood have reinforced a budding sense of community and artistic expression.

Guerrilla gardening has also helped to beautify this area, taking advantage of the ample sunshine in Greece. The heart of the neighborhood is Avdi Square, which draws residents and visitors with its open space, greenery, periodic festivals and gatherings, and adjacent restaurants, theatres and art gallery.

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  • ID: 45050
  • Views: 1898