Historical Hotel for sale Thessaloniki. ID Th2-499

Historical Hotel for sale Thessaloniki. ID Th2-499

Thessaloniki, Greece


  • breakfast area
  • in need of renovation
  • Kitchen
  • Parking space
  • Reception Area
  • Restaurant


Historical Hotel for sale Thessaloniki. With a rich history and an exceptional location in a place of timeless beauty and great tranquillity, dominating a hill with a scenic elevated position offering jaw-dropping views of a stunning landscape and the mesmerizing sea, this 2.520sqm hotel with 29 rooms is a diamond in the rough, a golden opportunity for any investor looking for a hotel project guaranteed to succeed from its offset.

On a 3.000sqm private plot at 280m altitude, the hotel is 2.520sqm with 29 rooms all benefiting from astonishing views of the crystal blue sea or the verdant landscape of extreme natural beauty.

The hotel was originally constructed in 1979 and was successfully operating as the precious gem of Thessaloniki, until the end of 2007.

This estate truly offers a thrill of a wonderful feeling while just looking at it. In terms of location, surrounding and breathtaking views, this extraordinary hotel lends itself to innumerable potentials.

The premises feature an 100sqm reception area, a ground floor welcoming area as well as one on the first floor of 80sqm each, a breakfast area of 200sqm, a 35sqm kitchen, and 614sqm restaurant.

There are also 400sqm of auxiliary spaces, 2.760sqm of free unused spaces and a parking lot for 50 vehicles.

There are 29 rooms of 18sqm each and the hotel was operating with 20 employees during peak season.

As it is not operating for some years now, it is in the need of full renovation, giving the opportunity of altering it to an exclusive and ultra-luxurious resort of prestigious accommodations, or even suites, all enjoying the view of the endless sea.

An even more aesthetical aspect can be achieved with the interior and the finishing can be ones of luxury and elegance.

A great addition to the update of this masterpiece is the prospect of expansion, as it has a remaining building capacity of 1952sqm.

Benefiting also from a mild climate and a very fashionable life with elegant towns and sandy beaches around this investment is considered one of the most ideal business opportunities, as it can guarantee the guests unforgettable vacation of their lives, and the investor a high profit all year round.

Historical Hotel for sale Thessaloniki Location Information:

Thessaloniki Greece (or Salonica), the capital of Macedonia Prefecture, is the second largest city in Greece, after Athens. In fact, the town is honorarily called co-capital, for its historical and administrative importance.

The history of the town started in ancient times and due to its strategic location, it played an important economic and political role in the wider region of the Balkans.

Thessaloniki’s real estate has salvaged its appeal for both domestic and foreign investors. In 2019, the city’s real estate market pivoted to the upward direction due to the growth of Greece’s economy after the recession. Also, the country’s position in the eurozone serves as a boost to prospective investors.

Real estate investment is a major example; according to the Bank of Greece, the amount of direct foreign investments in the property market amounts to €500 million.

Another major boost for the real estate market is the potential rental returns from the flourishing short-term rental market. Since the city is a booming tourist destination, it creates a high demand for rental properties.

Statistics show that records over 3 million tourist visits annually, and this is good news for rental property investors.

Thessaloniki holds a prominent position in Greece’s economy. This is one good reason why investing in real estate in the city is a wise investment choice.

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