Four Bedroom House for sale in Ippokratios Politia. ID A4-4819

Four Bedroom House for sale in Ippokratios Politia. ID A4-4819

Ippokratios Politia, Greece


  • Air-Conditioning unit
  • Central heating
  • Corner
  • Dining area
  • Double glazed windows/shutters
  • Fireplace
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • pet friendly
  • play room
  • stairs
  • Storage Room


Four Bedroom House for sale in Ippokratios Politia. Situated in a quiet area with lush surroundings, this 450sqm four-bedroom house is an outstanding home for those who are looking for quality living and a safe haven for their children to play safely in nature.

The luxury house proudly stands on a 1.000sqm plot in a secluded area of extreme natural beauty, a calm environment offering total peace of mind.

Built in 2012, the house boasts a contemporary layout designed to take advantage of natural light with large spacious living areas.

The plot offers plenty of parking space, as well as BBQ facilities with outdoor seating areas and beautiful gardens with beautiful trees offering a natural setting as well as privacy.

In the heart of the garden, a large swimming pool is at your disposal for a refreshing dive during the hot summer days.

The house spreads over four levels (the semi-basement, the ground floor, the semi-first floor, and the first floor), and as soon as you walk into the front entrance to the ground floor, you will notice the quality of the finishing.

It consists of four living rooms and two kitchens, four master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, two walk-in closets, and a WC.

The house is equipped with two impressive fireplaces and an autonomous underfloor heating system per floor, air conditioning in all the bedrooms.

It is also armed with an alarm system, double-glazed windows, insect screens, and all electric appliances.

Bright and sunny throughout all spaces, it offers the ultimate relaxation in a green unspoiled environment.

Many secluded spots are found in the outer area with garden tables, flowers, promenades, a special place for children to play endless games of “hide and seek”.

Seldom do you find a home of such quality in such a marvelous location! If you are looking for security, privacy and a beautiful environment, then look no further!

Four Bedroom House for sale in Ippokratios Politia Location Information:

Attica is a triangular peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea. It is naturally divided to the north from Boeotia by the 10 mi (16 km) long Cithaeron and Parnes mountain ranges.

To the west of Eleusis, the Greek mainland narrows into Megaris, connecting to the Peloponnese at the Isthmus of Corinth. The western coast of Attica, also known as the Athens Riviera, forms the eastern coastline of the Saronic Gulf. Mountains separate the peninsula into the plains of Pedias, Mesogeia, and the Thriasian Plain.

The mountains of Attica are the Hymettus, the eastern portion of the Geraneia, Parnitha (the highest mountain of Attica), Aigaleo, and Penteli. Four mountains — Aigaleo, Parnitha, Penteli, and Hymettus (clockwise from the southwest) — delineate the hilly plain on which the Athens urban area now spreads.

The plain is pockmarked by a plethora of semi-continuous hills, the most notable ones being the Tourkovounia, Lykavittos, the Acropolis of Athens itself and Philopappou.

Mesogeia lies to the east of Mount Hymettus and is bound to the north by the foothills of Mount Penteli, to the east by the Euboean Gulf and Mount Myrrhinous, and to the south by the mountains of Lavrio (modern Lavreotiki), Paneio (Πάνειον Όρος), and Laureotic Olympus (Λαυρεωτικός Όλυμπος).

The Lavrio region terminates in Cape Sounion, forming the southeastern tip of the Attic peninsula.

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