Cavo Dago Luxury Holiday Villa for rent in Chania. ID 07-284

Cavo Dago Luxury Holiday Villa for rent in Chania. ID 07-284

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  • Air-Conditioning unit
  • Barbeque
  • Broadband Internet
  • Cleaning
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • parking
  • seaview
  • Swimming Pool
  • WiFi


Cavo Dago Luxury Holiday Villa for rent in Chania. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes, but with regard to this exclusive, seaview 410sqm hyper luxury six-bedroom property, even the most demanding travelers would have to agree that, finding anything more beautiful than this magnificent villa, would prove to be an extremely difficult task…

Capturing captivating views of the enchanting Chania city and the emposing lighthouse, as well as the sparkling sea stretching endlessly for as far as the eye can see, this villa takes luxury traveling and unfogettable vacations to a whole new level!

This avant-garde villa is the most stylish of all modern luxury villas in the area of Chania and a paragon of Mediterranean style that also contains impressive design elements of modern and minimalist architecture.

Boasting striking interiors throughout, this contemporary six-bedroom villa offers wonderfully spacious interiors and benefits from modern features and a fantastic location, which offers easy access to the fashionable amenities which surround it.One look from the balcony and you will know you have found a rare gem, definitely worth your attention!

This jewel of a property, an elegant, hyper luxurious villa with six spacious bedrooms, can be found on a hilltop, sunny, peaceful and secluded, amidst magnificent, paradise garden grounds, with that irresistable allure and sense of well-being.

The two shimmering, infinity pools, the focal-point of the idyllic property in Chania, is surrounded by sun-soaked, open terraces, and a glorious hint of Mediterranean luxury.

THe jaw-dropping private swimming pools oare giving unsurpassed levels of fun and indulgence complemented by a large veranda, all tactically oriented to capture the magnificent sea views.

Imagine yourself luxuriating the sounds of traditional ceremonial music drifting from afar on sea breezes, or maybe an evening swim under a sky sprinkled with thousands of twinkling stars.

The 410sqm interior offers five star amenities including a fully-equipped private spa, a fully equipped fitness center, 3 kitchens, 2 living areas and playroom.

An in house chef and maid service ensure that every desire is met and the tantalising flavours of the local gastronomy embraced.

Huge floor to ceiling windows have been implemented, ensuring you enjoy the unlimited jaw-dropping views from every signle corner of the villa, and even the comfort of your bed!

Be it, the exquisite location with enchanting view towards the crystal blue sea and the magical city of Chania, that possesses, particularly in the evening, a magical air, or the stylish, superior architecture, not to mention, the glorious, entirely level, almost park-like plot, with extensive terracing, the sparkling infinity pools and paradisical gardens, this property captivates in every respect!

For some people, a not insignificant detail has to be the short journey time necessary to reach all amenities.

Size, style, quality and decor invoke the atmosphere of an immaculate property, and bearing in mind so much perfection, it must also be said, that all technical equipment is only the finest !!

An expressive style of construction and refined fittings impart secure homeliness, while elegance, comfort, quality and superb nature unite in an unbeatable blend…!

Cavo Dago Luxury Holiday Villa for rent in Chania Location Information:

Chania is considered to be the most poetic city of Crete; when you walk through it, it leaves you with a pleasant taste of beauty. Chania’s Venetian port, picturesque at any time and season, is attractive to visitors and locals for its beauty and for its choices of entertainment for all tastes and demands.

The “Old Town” consists of the old Venetian harbour and the small Venetian blocks located behind the harbour; it is characterized by narrow and picturesque alleys – similar to an enchanting labyrinth – full of life, and the plentiful remaining Venetian and Turkish buildings.

The Lighthouse, the Fortress of Firka, the Mosque of Kioutsouk Hasan, the Great Arsenali and the Neoria have become landmarks of the city. Most of the buildings are rejuvenated and they compose a puzzle of contemporary, Venetian and Turkish architecture; they are also a ‘living’ exhibition of the city’s history. Today they work as shops, taverns, cafes and touristic accommodations.

The most famous part of the Old Town is the lively round waterfront along the Venetian harbour, which is full of small hotels, cafes, restaurants, taverns and bars. The Lighthouse at the end of the harbour is a landmark of Chania.

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