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Minoiton Ormos Agios Nikolaos, Agios Nikolaos Crete 721 00, Greece

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Luxury Seafront Villa for sale Crete. Proudly set on a cliff with 7 bedrooms overlooking the glowing crystal blue sea which is accessed by a private path leading to a secluded private swimming cove, this 511m² villa once owned by the most recognized award winning Greek film director, Mr. Nikos Koundouros, is definitely a diamond in the rough!

Prestigiously positioned on a 4.041m² plot, the villa occupying 511m² with a guestroom of 305m², exudes luxury and a rare aristocratic atmosphere, inspired by the unique location, as well as all the celebrities that have visited this rare property in the past, such as the Beatles, Donovan, Michaelangelo Antonioni, Joan Collins and James Cameron.

Imposing over the Mirabello Bay, it is surely a unique villa that certainly cannot be found elsewhere.

Built on the cliff it offers endless views of the mesmerizing sea which you can enjoy at your own private swimming cove…

Enjoy your morning swim in the sea, the freshness of the shady garden in the noonday heat, evening chats in the living room by the fireplace – all with the entrancing whisper of the waves in the background – your home will steal your heart forever.



The town of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicolas) is situated on the northwest coast of the Gulf of Mirabello in one of Crete’s most picturesque spots.

The town is often referred to as the Cretan Saint-Tropez for its beauty and popularity. One of the town’s main sightseeing attractions is the circular Lake Voulismeni, which was long reputed to be bottomless. Legend has it that Athena herself used to bathe in it.

Life in Agios Nikolaos never slows down. During the peak of the season you will find the cream of Europe vacationing here. The town’s fashionable boutiques, cosy cafes and souvenir shops attract tourists from all over the world. There are always art exhibits, festivals, and fairs to be taken in, and concerts and theatre performances to be enjoyed. At night, the streets and bright plazas of the local bar district come alive.

One of the plazas opens up into the local Soho, the chain of bars and clubs on 25th March Street; the other leads to the cafes on Joseph Koundouros Street, where the music and dancing go on all night. Whether you prefer a romantic night in an open-air restaurant, dancing until sunrise, or authentic Greek music and sirtaki, you can find it all amidst the bright lights of night-time Agios Nikolaos.

A fifteen-minute car ride from Agios Nikolaos will take you to Elounda. What started out as just a little fishing village is now a famous resort and truly one of Crete’s most precious gems. Elounda’s beaches are unfailingly popular thanks to their calm waters and striking views.

The entrance to the harbour is guarded by the famous Spinalonga fortress, which was built by the Venetians in 1579 to protect the island from pirate raids. Boat trips to this island fortress, which remained impregnable for 24 years during the Ottoman-Venetian War, are some of Crete’s most popular excursions. Recent archaeological digs have found evidence to support the theory that at one point Spinalonga housed a temple in honour of the immortal lovers Aphrodite and Ares.

Elounda is also home to the best luxury hotels in the Mediterranean. The world’s top hotel chains, such as Leading Hotels of the World, Relais Chateaux, and Preferred Hotels and Resorts, have long been synonymous with first-class service. In addition to the fabulous accommodations, guests are also invited to enjoy fitness centres, spas (including Six Senses Spa and Thalaspa Chenot), beauty salons, tennis courts, children’s recreation centres, golf courses, and exquisite restaurants and cafes.

Crete is a place of rare natural beauty. Its history is suffused with myths. It was here on Crete that the newborn Zeus first opened his eyes, and the pristine beauty of this heavenly island forever stayed in the young god’s heart. It is no coincidence that Zeus would later carry away his beloved Europa to Crete, seeking seclusion in the Dikti Mountains, where the thousand-meter heights command a breathtaking view of the boundless stretch of sea below.

Crete is just as breathtaking today as it was thousands of years ago. The azure sea is just as pure as it was in antiquity. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom a long way from shore, even at depths of 40 meters or more.

The island’s climate is the mildest in Europe. Even during the hottest time of year, the temperature rarely rises above 30. Swimming season begins at the end of April and ends in mid-November. The island is also loved by the sun, which shines on Crete 340 days of the year.

You will breathe easily here, where the sea breeze and the rich mountain air meet to create the perfect combination, which is very beneficial for health. The island’s pristine natural environment is protected by laws that curb industrial manufacturing, and Crete’s beaches are marked by blue flags that are conferred in Europe only to locations meeting impeccable standards of environmental cleanness.

It is not only pleasurable, but also very safe to live and vacation on Crete. The crime rate on the island is one of the lowest in all of Europe. There is a strong tradition of respect for privacy and this is one of those rare places where the famous can forget about the paparazzi, hide away their evening gowns and tuxedos, and savour their peace and quiet. But of course there are also plenty of social activities to tempt the island’s visitors. All it takes is a short trip to one of the towns for you to be able to enjoy lunch in a restaurant, shopping in the boutiques, or a night out at the dance clubs.

Its spellbinding natural beauty, the breath and whisper of the sea, monuments of ancient civilizations, and world famous Greek cuisine – all these things and more are waiting to be discovered on Crete. Anyone who has visited once will invariably wish to return to this magical place where, albeit in myths and legends, the gods once dwelled.

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