Luxury beach front villa for sale in Elounda. ID 3v-260

Elounda, Greece

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  • Air-Conditioning unit
  • Fireplace
  • Furnished
  • Garden
  • Heated Pool
  • Parking space
  • Swimming Pool


Luxury beach front villa for sale in Elounda, Crete. Situated in an idyllic location with the endless blue of the Mediterranean and the shimmering blue of crystal clear waters, this stunning villa of 128m², sat in a plot of 283m², consists of two (2) bedrooms, three (3) bathrooms, a heated swimming pool and beautiful manicured garden.

The villa has very well landscaped garden. Perfumed shrubs and trees are set into grassy lawns to the side and rear of the house.

Its spacious shaded balconies are ideal for dining alfresco in the Greek summer heat while the pool enjoys sunshine all day to satisfy ample sunbathing.

As the sun retreats, its well-manicured gardens and crystal clear pool are illuminated creating a beautiful setting for a quiet relaxing evening.

Entering the villa, there is the open plan living area, which is a very light and airy space featuring a fireplace, ideal to accompany you during the cold winter days.

Huge sliding doors open on to the front terrace with just a breath to the private pool.

Few steps to the rear of the living room, there are the kitchen/dining area, and the guest bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Two spacious master bedrooms with double beds and lounge furniture can accommodate up to 6 persons.

They both benefit with en-suite bathrooms with double sink countertop, walk-in rainfall shower and bathtubs, while one of them has also a fireplace.

Positioned with the grounds of a 6-star luxury hotel in the famous Elounda Bay, the number-one destination in Greece, it has full access to the range of services and amenities that the hotel has to offer, while it benefits from the hotel maintenance and security.

It also has the possibility of maid services/housekeeping.

The including amenities of the 6-star hotel are the following: the award-winning Six-Senses spa, full watersports club, scuba, sailing and yachts, private yacht piers, the 9 hole golf course, tennis courts, full indoor gym, Children’s daycare center and a number of restaurants and bars, all within the Elounda SA resorts, at special discounted rates.

This villa can be rent out through the hotel for all or part of the summer season, resulting an annual net income of around €100.000.

An idyllic location, boasting extraordinary views out towards the sea which is just moments away that cannot be found again.

With balconies that allow you to sit back and unwind while listening to the waves caressing the shore!

A once in a life time opportunity that could be used for private and business purposes as well.


The island of Daedalus and Icarus. Of Minoan vases and famous frescoes. Shining and starlit, with its black baggy breeches and fringed kerchiefs.

Romantic Crete, with its sparkling sea, rocks and gleaming plateaus. Crete, land of full-bodied wine and pungent tsipouro. “Sleepless Crete, land of endless feasts under star-studded skies”, scented with wild fennel and fresh basil. Dizzying Crete, of the warlike dances.

The morphology, geography and the climate make for an idyllic land where nature’s balance reigns and monotony is conspicuous only by its absence.

It combines the tall, unsalable and harsh mountain ranges with the fertile plains, the large ports with the quaint bays, the bustling north with the serene south, the peninsula with the sea, the snow and the rain with the abundant sunlight.

A land which could indisputably be characterized as “the island of the Makares” or “paradise” according to the ancient Greeks.

Anchored in the sea, it serves as a crossroads of three continents – Europe to the North, Asia to the east and Africa to the south, Crete seems to spread its length like a barrier across the southern Aegean.

It lies at a distance of approximately 100 km from the southernmost tip of the Peloponnese, 175 kms. from the shores of Asia Minor, and 800 km from Africa.

It is the largest of the Greek islands, and fifth in size among the islands of the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Cyprus.

The waters of the Cretan Sea wash its coasts on the northern side, the waters of the Libyan Sea on the southern side, the waters of the Carpathian Sea on the eastern side, and on the west the coasts are washed by the waters the Myrtoon Sea.

Its maximum length is 260 kms. from the Gramvousa point in the northwest up to the Sideros point in the southeast, while its width varies from 60 kms. (from Stavros point to Lithino Cape) to 12 kms. at the lerapetra straits (gulf of Mirabello to lerapetra bay).

Its area is 8,261 sq. kms. and, together with the islets of Gavdos and Dia, 8,303 sq. kms.

Crete also has a number of plateaus among the mountain peaks. The land, here, is usually fertile and the rainwater which collects in these natural basins during the winter makes these plateaus ideal for agriculture.

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