Land for sale in Kifissia. ID A3-2427

Land for sale in Kifissia. ID A3-2427

Kifissia, Greece


Land for sale in Kifissia. Perfectly set in the most popular and expensive area of Athens, this 815sqm plot of land is definitely a diamond in the rough, a great opportunity to acquire a fine piece of land in the high-profile suburb of Kifissia.

It has a large facade on a central street and has a building allowance of up to 490sqm for a three-storey building.

Apartments in this area are guaranteed to sell out quickly and even generate a healthy income due to the exquisite location and close proximity to public transport and all amenities.

A great opportunity to be the proud owner of a fine piece of land in one of the most sought-after suburbs of Athens.

Land for sale in Kifissia Location Information:

Kifissia is a verdant and high-end northern suburb with plenty of enjoyable ways to spend a day. The area started to become a residential area for wealthy Athenian families in the 19th Century (mainly between 1870-1935) when it was only reachable after several hours on a bumpy ride along a dirt road by horse and carriage.

Today one can admire a fascinating mish-mash of villas built in various architectural styles – from neoclassical mansions and rustic romantic residences to Austrian-style chalets and art nouveau designs and beyond.

Known for its distinct climactic difference from Athens – around five centigrade cooler, mainly because it’s sprawled out along the western foothills of Mt Pendeli, Kifissia also has a more laid-back and somewhat opulent air about it.

With a multitude of designer shops, dainty cafe-bars, and high-end restaurants, it’s no wonder that it’s home to wealthier strata of Athenian society.

Kifissia is one of the most expensive northern suburbs of Athens, a great choice for an action-packed day. Enjoy glamorous shopping, admire wonderful art, dine at a restaurant, and study a fascinating mix of centuries-old mansions.

Here you can relish cool air, abundant greenery, and a sense of nonchalant affluence that is light years away from the sometimes overwhelming chaos of the city center.

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