Investment Land for sale in Kissamos. ID 03-2432

Investment Land for sale in Kissamos. ID 03-2432

Kissamos, Greece


Investment Land for sale in Kissamos. Right in the heart of the lovely town of Kissamos and only 150m away from the beach, this privileged 954sqm corner plot offers a building allowance of up to 762sqm for the construction of an apartment building or even for holiday rentals.

The land has three facades on three streets, one of which is the main road of the town.

It is conveniently located within walking distance from all amenities and facilities needed daily, and just 150m away from the beach.

Just grab the opportunity to buy a land in a prime location, perfect for investment.

Investment Land for sale in Kissamos Locations Information:

Kissamos is a beautiful town lying 41 km west of Chania town, in one of the most fertile valleys of Crete. Today it counts on 3000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and trade. It is famous for the production of wine.

Kastelli Kissamou (Kissamos) is surrounded by a beautiful landscape with a gorgeous and calm beach that consists of golden soft sand and nice pebbles. The town keeps its authentic character and is built on the ancient city of Kissamos which used to be the commercial centre of western Crete.

The seaside village of Nopigia is located 6km east of Kissamos and 30km west of Chania city. It is built on the east side of the Kissamos Bay, next to the basis of Rodopos Cape and after the east end of Drapanias beach.

In front of the village lies a long beach, which stretches to the west up to Kissamos. The beach is sandy with clear and shallow water. Nopigia village is located nearby, thus you will find all the necessary facilities there, such as umbrellas, showers, restaurants and accommodation in a tranquil environment.

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