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For sale private island Greece. A true utopia, is this 48.000m² breathtaking paradise, boasting with vegetation, offering an idyllic scenic from all its points…

Many VIP’s were guests on this island, which is covering an area of approximately 48.000m², with a maximum length of 650 meters and width of 150 meters. Its mean height is between 4 and 6 meters above sea level.

The island is mostly flat, with thick vegetation and 350 olive trees, producing enough good quality oil each year. There are also 125 pistachio trees, a variety of fruit trees, among others pomegranates, apricots, peaches, almonds, plums and figs. There are numerous pine and cypress trees around the perimeter of the island, as well as hundreds of ornamental bushes, such as oleanders, bougainvilleas, hibiscus, geraniums and various other shrubs which do well in the Mediterranean climate. All these are spread evenly along the main paths of the island.

A well has been already drilled on a 700m² plot close to the shore of Eretria, opposite the island. Furthermore, a full network of plumbing and water pipes exists on the island, which provides numerous water outlets for adequate watering of almost the whole island. Most of the island is also automatically watered.

As for electricity, generators offer electricity for the lighting and function of all household appliances of the main, staff and beach houses, fortress and chapel that the island includes, as well as the roads, paths, piers and most of the vital areas of the island.

The main house measures 115m², a lovely large lawn in front of the house, ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining of at least 50 seated guests, and a large paved area on the north side of the house, suitable for large parties and celebrations of easily 200 seated guests. There is a staff house and a beach house of 71m², directly in front of the sea, as well as a Barbeque area that can accommodate up to 30 guests.

What is also on the island are a beautiful private church, a venetian watchtower, a generator huts house, a boat house, three concrete piers ideal for mooring and helicopter landings.

There are three sandy beaches on the island and three main roads totaling about 1.100 meters long have been built to connect the above-mentioned dwellings and most of the island. The roads are lined with thickly planted shrubs on either side, blossoming most of the year and are paved with concrete on either side. The central road runs across the island and is 650 meters long and 3 meters wide.

This outstanding island is ideal for fishing, water-skiing and sailing and serves as a nature-friendly, beautiful and idyllic relaxation spot.

The view of the Evian gulf at sunset is just magnificent!


This majestic island is located in the Southern Gulf of Evia, approximately 40min from Athens. It lies 1.200 meters off the coast near the ancient city of Eretria, which is situated approximately halfway along the south-western coast of Evia. Eretria is only 3,5 miles to the east of the town of Oropos, on the shores of mainland Greece. Every 30 minutes, car ferries service the Oropos-Eretria run, which takes about 20 minutes. Oropos can be reached by car from Athens using the National Highway in approximately one hour, making the trip from Athens to the island around one and a half hours.

Eretria used to be a very important city in ancient times. Today it is a popular summer resort with all amenities for daily life, such as supermarkets, gas stations, motor repair services, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, doctors, vets and daily help for the island.

Greece has an enormous coastline and thousands of islands of all sizes. Also all these islands are in a “close sea” as everybody can see on a map, it offers still “quit and nice waters”. Another reason somebody feels safe in the Greek sea is that the islands are close to each other. Greece is a sunny country with more than 320 days per year sunny days and one can enjoy vacations every season of the year. Those psychical characteristics and the fact that Greece belongs to the EU, is close to Europe and its geographic location in general, makes Greek islands a desirable investment for foreign investors.

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